Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Current Events Example

Having laid down the basic principles according to which people and groups, from the smallest (family) to the largest (state conglomerations), operate in order to create Free Bondsmen and their masters-free bondmen which direct them, the time has come to illustrate with a tangible example where the attempt to manipulate and subjugate via the strategies we have examined is obvious.

I could easily have chosen a case of familial manipulation or workplace manipulation from the several I have encountered and helped people overcome and beat but something like that would not allow me to get across the severity of what we are now going to see in the action, if I allowed anyone the ability to say ‘this isn’t happening to me/ this can’t happen to me’. For this reason, therefore, I chose an example which is yet unraveling and which all of us in Greece experience daily through the mass media: addressing myself to the group named ‘the Greek/ Hellenes’ or ‘the Greek/ Hellenic Nation’ I will use as an example of great manipulation and psychological blackmail the issue of the naming of the state of Skopje (current F.Y.R.O.M.).

Why is this issue relevant to our discussion concerning Free Bondsmen and efforts of imposition of one side upon the other?

It is very relevant because here we are presented with a classic case of blackmail in order for us to accept and endorse an unfounded position which is flimsy in scientific, political and logical terms, while denouncing our critical thinking, our rights and our free will as well as our very essence as Nation and personalities. That is exactly what a Free Bondsman is called to do.

How do we support this?

Let’s begin with the definition of the Free Bondsman as we had stated it in our first article:

“ the person who theoretically is free to act at will and evaluate, judge and think of matters without pressures, blackmail or compulsions about what he/she wants to be and how he/she wants to behave. This person truly believes that he/she is truly free and acting or behaving at will, without compulsions, but “within logical limits”

We are theoretically told that as Greeks we are free to think without pressure or blackmail what we want considering the naming of Skopje and that additionally we are free to do what we like and express ourselves as we like on this matter.

The Free Bondsman is often inhibited by admonitions and blackmail of the type:

However, with great effort and pressure almost to the point of hysteria we are told to:

“This is not logical/rational/wise this does not make sense”

reason ourselves regarding our ‘extreme’ demands not to be offended ethnically and in terms of our state through the creation of a name which beyond doubt implies that we are oppressors of a phantom people who strains under Greek rule, regardless of course, of History and historic documentation proving irrevocably that within Greek borders there are Greeks, with Greek area names which were drenched in Greek blood bred on those very areas so that there will now be the capacity for hospitality to other groups which have not found tolerance such as the Greek one elsewhere.

This is simply not done”

repeatedly it is being stated without any justification that it is impossible to have a name without negative implications to a small state which is an artificial creation consisting of ethnic groups of questionable coexistence ability. The only answer given by the mass media is silence along with laughter which may work towards the gagging of a people but do not constitute an argument.

“What will the people say?”

we are threatened that if we speak up, our fellows / global common opinion will characterize us as ‘savage’, ‘racist’, ‘nationalists’, ‘fanatics’, ‘lowly’, etc. Of course something like that is not said at all about actions of people in Skopje nor of course is it mentioned that in cases of a dispute, silence or abstinence of an answer constitutes acceptance and corroboration of the claims of the opponent and NOT A DEMONSTRATION OF SUPERIORITY.

“What will _________ say?”
“You only think about yourself/ you are so selfish”
“you are cruel/thick skinned”
we are continually told that there exist one or two generations of the opponents who have grown up on the lies which everyone presses us to accept as true. We are told that we must do this because this is the reality of these people and it is inhuman to defend the truth and hurt their feelings. Of course if we do not do this, we are ‘hard-hearted’, ‘the bullies of the Balkans’, ‘terrorists’, ‘fascists’, ‘self-centered’, ‘conceited’, ‘haughty’, etc.
But until this moment this type of behavior is observable in the opponent and some of our fellows.

“You won’t be the one to say what is right”

we are told that we are unable to show that what is being said and claimed by the opponent is unfounded, false and underhanded with secondary goals because we cannot (for unknown reasons) indicate with historical, anthropological, linguistic and socioeconomic proof the truth of the matter just because we are Greeks and if we do it we will be hard, we will be thinking only of ourselves and our evidence will be considered by default as false or fraudulent. We are also threatened that our word will not be at all considered except as an act of hostility and belligerence.

“You can’t decide for yourself”

we are denied every expression coming directly from the people from a demonstration to a referendum to even a concert or any other kind of events which through the entirely peaceful and clearcut imprint of the Greek, just as it had been illustrated in the terrible anniversary of the 25th of March of 1941 when the German soldiers during the Occupation of WWII succumbed to the spontaneous, peaceful and unarmed parade and march of the Greeks, after of course drenching it in blood. We are being told that suitable for this are only the politicians, that is the elected administrative employees and mandataries of the people.

“Nobody will pay attention to you/ heed you even if you do speak out your opinion”

repeatedly we are told that our positions cannot be heard and that on top of this we become a point of great irritation if we dare draw the attention from the pretense and the propaganda to the essence and the substantiated proof.

It is, of course, odd that everyone with bated breath beg with our Nation and its true members not to raise their voices of even deny what they are being accused of and without right asked of them if it indeed had been true that we would pass so unnoticed.

The fact is also downplayed that every time we did decide to speak up for our rights despite everyone who was trying to keep us from it, not only were we listened to and paid attention to but we managed to make them comply and respect these rights actively, and of course rush to claim through propaganda that the initiative did not belong to the Greeks but to third parties.

“That’s what everyone does/ this is the way it is/ this can’t change”

with intimidation in their eyes, reporters, politicians and other people appearing often on the television forum each day on the news regurgitate and repeat exactly and down to the very same wording the irrelevant emotional blackmail of ‘many countries have gone along with that name and if we don’t follow we will be left alone’ leaving implied in the air a phrase reminiscent of hysterical old women: ‘…and what shall become of us!’

But they do not clearly say what the threat is exactly, burke our right to stand by views that are objective and true, allow for suspicion and ‘what if’ to remain silently threatening the people who has had the courage to stand alone against an army before which much larger countries bowed, without any guarantee of victory or survival. They are trying to convince us just like in the case of Cyprus in 1974 and Imia in 1996 that we have no power, army and courage to stand up to the demands, and that we are weak.

When this finally stops working because on the final analysis the Greek true to his/her identity will in the end not accept the above, the attack changes and focuses exactly on our very identity, trying to convince us that we are not members of the Hellenic Nation but instead ‘Grecians’ that is caricatures of another race who just happen to inhabit the lands owned by this race and who act completely differently than the ones that raised them.

All these things are starkly obvious in their wrongfulness and their intent when a third party, one we consider stranger speak them and there would be no chance that we wouldn’t be able to objectively realize that the only thing that is being attempted here is to make us feel weak when in reality we are extremely strong, fact which is easily and widely provable.

These underhanded and grossly false things torture us and plant doubts in us rendering us temporarily idle because those saying these things is not considered a third party, foreign and hostile but an equal member of the Hellenic Nation who cares and worries about the same interests that we care and worry. When, therefore, someone you consider yours and with status tells you all these things it is not easy at all to immediately see them as they truly are.

How is it proven that we are in essence the exact opposite of the weak profile projected to us?

How can I tell the real Greek/Hellene from the superficial one but also the one who only features elements of fanaticism and menticide?

We will examine this next week, with evidence and tangible proof.

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m.vassiliou said...

Dear Olga,

I have decided to comment on your excellent analysis of the particular mind process that could be, and in fact very much is, operated to "affect" our mind into a thinking process that systematically distroys critical thinking. I have been a avid reader of your blog series and it would be a pity if all of us who are attracted and benefitted from these postings, did not at least make a post to thank you.
You are in good company: from neo-marxism and critical sociology and philosophy to recent attempts at establishing new epistemological perspectives of how "the mind sees" and "how we should interpret" data around us recognizing what the mind can see (which is neither immediately obvious nor necessarily "positivistically" tangible, i.e., "a hard fact") point to the extra care we should put in interpreting human responses in general, and the media, in particular. I completely agree about the "hidden agenda"of ALL media forms. I would even go so far as to suggest that there can be no such thing as "media coverage" nowadays without hidden agendas. Your interesting analysis adds to this (invariably meta-marxist perspective)in not only identifying the agents behind this hidden agendas, but proceeding with an analysis of what their effects are on the individual's ego, life perspective, world-view and self-confidence. I for one would like to see more of your intelligent writing, as it is not only destined to the unknown academia, but to everybody who, after allowing a proper triggering of his/her critical thinking mechanism, will come to realize what is happening. Truly.