Friday, March 14, 2008

A Look in the Mirror (Part 1)

The mirror is one of the most threatening and in the same time necessary elements within every house. Every day everyone of us goes close to the mirror, but instead of using it as we should, that is as a means for our own pleasure and functioning, we use it as a means of subjugation and masking of our own personality, most of the times.

How does that happen?

It is very rarely that we walk up to the mirror to please ourselves with what we will see. On the contrary, we go near it with stress, ready to locate even by a magnifying glass the ‘bad’, ‘incorrigible’, ‘unacceptable’ characteristics on us which take away our right to feel okay, to walk in the street with happiness and self confidence. They certainly also do not allow us to assign any value to all the very good characteristics and traits which we have. In this way, the mirror becomes a means of control and restraint of human distinctiveness and inimitability and fully facilitates the creation of Free Bondsmen.

But shouldn’t we try to be nice and proper?

By all means we should strive every day to improve ourselves so we can feel stronger, more in control and more eager for life (aside the clichéd activities projected through the mass media such as a continual exhausting march from shopping mall to shopping mall , night club to night club and romantic/sexual relationship to romantic/sexual relationship) and its activities than before. If we don’t feel that but on the contrary as rule and in general we sense stress, doubt for ourselves and our capacities, disappointment in ourselves, embarrassment for our very existence and our traits/characteristics, at a disadvantage and underperforming then we are not achieving progress with the method we are following but conversely we cause a depression of our personality and our capacities and instead of truly living we carry on in a state of sedation.

And how does the mirror cause us that?

As we have already said, we go near the mirror not to look with pleasure upon what it will show us, so that we will draw energy in order to develop what we see even more, but with fear and aversion or anxiety and compulsion in order to camouflage, hide, ‘distract from’ parts of ourselves which are objectively necessary and functional and which are rejectable not by any natural process but by a completely fabricated and constructed social order to which in theory, like any Free Bondsman, we have a choice whether to conform but in essence we are bullied and blackmailed into doing so.

In this manner, the mirror makes us feel that we are constantly under scrutiny or judgment and usually with criteria which have nothing to do with nature or health or the good standing of our body and psyche and prevents us from calming down in order to experience and get to know ourselves without fearing whether this self will be ‘fitting’ or ‘matching’, as if the individuals of a society are obliged to be carbon copies of each other in order for that society to be functional or in order for the individuals to prove they belong to it.

But doesn’t society need fitting and matching people in order to function?

In order to answer correctly to this question, just like any question anyone can ask us, we must first have fully and clearly defined what we mean by ‘fitting’ and ‘matching’ and to what we must be ‘fitting’ and ‘matching’ and with what sort of goal in mind.

If we define as the function of society its healthy development so that it becomes less and less infringing and abusive on nature, more and more supportive to its members (that is in terms of benefits and support to the individual and his/her needs personally and directly, not in general) and less and less demanding from its members (in terms of procedures and support of the governmental structure such as taxes, contributions, etc) then the ‘fitting’ and ‘matching’ person is the one who does not care whether society will accept and validate his/her existence based on the camouflage uniform he/she is wearing and which codes for subjugation to specific social groups within society.

This matching and fitting person is the person who worries and sees to the solution of problems. This person gains pleasure from solving problems so that his/her environment consists of happy people who feel free to speak openly and candidly, think freely, express their thoughts, desires and ambitions freely without fearing that they will be met with hostility, reservation or even ridicule. This person is interested in bringing forth results and in order to do it is not afraid to work with anything, regardless of social status, and is not afraid to defend the logical and ethical trajectories which exist exactly in order to ensure the correct, certain and swift development of society to levels that often the mass media tag utopian.

If, however, we define as the function of society the perpetuation and maintenance of a diseased situation within which bounteously resources of all kinds (environmental, human, intelligence, ingenuity, toil, time and money) are lost, stolen or squandered so that the parasitic survival of a small number of families across the globe in ensured at the expense of innumerable others and which innumerable other families are the ones responsible for the survival we have achieved up to now as human species, then for sure the ‘matching’ and ‘fitting’ man changes. The person we described above is highly incompatible with this here society. For this here society, ‘matching’ and ‘fitting’ is the concentration camp inmate: he/she must look alike with his fellow inmates at all costs, wear a specific uniform under pain of punishment, say or do specific words and actions prepared and predesigned for him/her by third parties, and of course be so scared that he/she does not actively think saying phrases such as ‘I won’t get into that mindset’, ‘I wont go down that road’, ‘I won’t open that can of worms’, ‘we won’t be the ones to discuss/decide/evaluate/judge this’ etc.

For sure, the society we just described which is parasitic and fights just like cancer the very organism sustaining it, is not viable at all and has an expiry date in contrast to the first one which is both viable and supportive towards its environment so that its survival is ensured.

If we go near our mirror with happiness in order to look upon who we are and with a motive to elevate and not hide our personality and inimitability as individuals attuned to nature, logic and as a result to healthy ethics that is derived from it, then we are individuals who belong and fit to that first society which is viable and will survive to go on.

If we go near our mirror with stress and fear and aversion ready to list what we don’t like but without much motivation or faith that what we do not like can change and look over ourselves under a state in which cadets find themselves before standing in line for inspection in the army, then we are individuals belonging and matching to the other society which is diseased and which has an expiry date and which does enforce on us an expiry date as well which comes far earlier than our death date.

And how do we now apply this look in the mirror to an international level with nations in the place of individuals?

As we have mentioned before in the analogy with the babushkas in a previous article, that which happens on a personal level is exactly what happens in every other level, with the difference being only in scope and measure. The society of nations is of course no exception. Let’s continue, therefore, in order to illustrate as much our example from last time and let’s see how as a nation the Greeks (and not just the Greeks but every nation which is real and not a fabrication) are members of the first type of functioning of the viable society and are being assaulted with all kinds of manipulations (as we demonstrated in the last article) in order to be transformed into the second kind of functioning belonging to the diseased society type and which leads to disaster.

In order to be able to demonstrate this, the first which we must do is to define (or answer) who the true Hellene/Greek is and how we can tell him/her from the others. (The same goes for any other nationality and not just the Greeks which we are using as an example)

The first logical level of the definition is that Greek is the one who belongs to and represents the Greek Nation.

But what do we mean by ‘belongs to and represents’?

The one who belongs to a group protects it, cultivates it, elevates it and promotes it with the love with which someone presents a work which has been given to him/her with trust and which he/she has taken up and continued so that the next generations belonging to this group are strong, happy and proud.

The one who represents a group is one who belongs to it already and who, with his/her behavior, thoughts, work, actions, leisure and decisions upholds and protects the ideological, moral and everyday principles through which this group is defined.



Therefore, a Hellene/Greek is the one who protects, cultivates, elevates, promotes with love the Hellenic/Greek identity as it has been forged without breaking the Hellenic/Greek moral and behavioral rules and upkeeps and protects the Hellenic/Greek ideology and moral values. The Greek goes up to the ethnic mirror and is happy, gazing upon the virtues, achievements and triumphs in history and everyday and with enthusiasm and happiness seeks his/her improvement and and not his/her alteration so that he/she will ‘fit’ or be ‘matching’ with a group which has already proven that it is not viable or functional.

ONE IS NOT A GREEK who embarrasses Greece inside and outside its borders through subversive policies which project a fabricated weakness and servility to the Greek National group (and any other National group which is true and not constructed since one of the basic forces which creates a group is the sensation of pride and ability of existence which its members have when they declare themselves as members). One is not a Greek who does not defend the Greek group outside but also in terms of its internal needs, the one who gives priority to the claims or needs of another group above the Greek one (from an ethnic to a financial level), and certainly he/she is not Greek and certainly one is not Greek who defames the Greeks, their actions and their vested rights on all levels (from vested grounds to vested milestones of a socioeconomic welfare and security) and allows others to defame, slander and calumniate the abilities, capacities, identity, way of life, philosophy, achievements and pursuits of the Greeks.

Could we have some examples?

There are innumerable contemporary examples from which we will present some in the following two weeks.

The principles presented do not pertain only the National group by the name of Hellene/Greek but for every one which has been created spontaneously and not been constructed by third parties/forces. If you belong to one of the spontaneously created Nations I would be happy to hear from you.

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