Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Good Poker Player

In mathematics, which consists the abstract representation and expression of all the situations and actions/reactions/feedback between them, there is a very interesting phenomenon which we call “the fern phenomenon”.

If we scrutinize a fern leaf, we will see that it is composed of several smaller leaves which are also like miniature of that same leaf they are composing. This is a phenomenon we encounter many times in nature, and consequently mathematics, i.e. that a group is comprised of subgroups which are identical or in essence similar to the group they are comprising.

And why is that of interest to us?

It is of interest to us and very much so, because society in all its groups from the smallest to the largest to its entirety is exactly like a Russian babushka: that is, the smallest subgroup of society is exactly the same but in a smaller scale with the largest group which is, actually, all of society.

And what does that mean?

This means that if we manage to learn the rules giving shape to these “babushkas” then we are fully able and in control to manage to understand and actualize the potential we have in all, without exception, the aspects of human society. We can achieve this by studying any of the “babushkas” but for certain, some “babushkas” are easier to perceive and study than others. It is to our interest, therefore, to pick the one which is the least threatening but in the same time the most possible to affect directly: a balance not always easy or possible to achieve.

But, how is it possible to have the above axiom of the fern phenomenon or the example I just gave with the babushkas when several parts of society, such as the family, school, science, politics, religion, professional/business policy, the economy, the state, the nation, seem so disjointed and dissimilar between them? In the end, how is it possible that little Bobby’s achievement in school affect or be affected by the general economic condition of the state?

The answer is very simple, just like all the trajectories and truths that permeate and shape every aspect of society (every “babushka”) are simple and theoretically fully understandable even though often traumatic: all aspects of society have this one common denominator: they are composed and maintained by humans. And now comes the time to state a very basic axiom:

Nothing in society is impersonal/faceless and everything is part of human behavior without anything eerie or mystical about it.

What does this mean?

This means that for everything happening around us, from why our grandmother is making us feel so bad with no apparent reason to the mysterious but continual increase of the prices every week, a person who has a name and surname and certain, obvious interest to make the environment have the particular effect we receive is fully responsible.

Given that psychology tells us that all, with no exception, the people act and react with the same basic principles of behavior and logic and aim at the same goals but through different means, we are led to the following very simple and joyous conclusion:

Society is composed from and works because of persons with personality and identity --> (therefore) Society is not faceless --> Society acts just like two individuals act between them.

Because within society there is friction and antagonism, there is no harmony or unanimity between different societal groups and aspects (“babushkas”) --> Since there is friction and antagonism, it means there is an effort for imposition and subjugation between the different societal groups and aspects --> There is effort of manipulation and control between the different societal groups and aspects.

Since society acts just like two individuals act between them AND there is effort of manipulation and control between the different societal groups and aspects IT MEANS THAT SOCIETY IS PERMEATED BY THE BASIC PRINCIPLE OF ANTAGONISM AND EFFORT FOR IMPOSITION AND SUBJUGATION THAT IS GOVERNING OUR INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS.



Yes, but why is that joyous? Shouldn’t it be threatening?

Of course not!

It mustn’t be threatening but joyous because we know the real value and strength that someone (person or group) who is targeted to be turned into a Free Bondsman has, and which strength and value the one (person or group) who is trying to convert him/her/them into Free Bondsmen is trying to steal fraudulently and slyly.

Why fraudulently and slyly?

Because the one who tries to control, manipulate and pander to the value and strength of others does not have (or believes he/she does not have) value or strength personally (both in the case of an individual and a group).

And what does Poker have to do with all of this?



Individuals and social groups who have understood as much, while they have a very weak hand, manage to win the pot with this horrible hand because they bluff so well that they make those holding a royal flush actually fold.

What is bluffing?

It is the control and imposition from one person to the other or from one group to the other.


This player is a Free Bondsman.

What is the player who bluffs?

This player is also a Free Bondsman who will follow and fold under the next best bluffer. This player is a weak individual (or group) using rules that do not exist in the game to beat the strong ones who play the game as it should be played.

What is the player who trusts in his/her hand when he/she has objective evidence and knows how to read this evidence, keeping in mind the rules of the game and NOT whatever the opponent is trying to project?

This player is a Free Individual.

And how can we tell who is the bluffer and who isn’t?

This is something we will begin to examine in the next article.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Who Benefits from the Crime?

All the values and ideas permeating our lives are interconnected in meaning and relationships. Therefore the secret in understanding truly and on our own, without the need for interpretation by an ‘expert’ who offers to give as decrees some answers but refrains from offering the liberating and truly enlightening logical process through which he/she arrived at that decree, is to look with our own highly able logic in order to find the manner of connection of the ideas and situations in our everyday life and beyond.

What do we mean by that?

We arm ourselves with a system of questions to which we do not accept answers that are not to the point, but of the variety: “ that’s the way it is, that’s what everyone does, etc”. We also do not accept answers which are inappropriate and off topic and usually are of the variety: “you are cruel, you are insolent, you are stupid, how dare you, do you think that’s the way to speak to me, etc etc”.

We arm ourselves with courage, which means we find our answers to the questions without being afraid of what this answer will be or will show about society, our family, our life, for two reasons:

a) whatever it is, since it is part of the to the point answer to our question, it was pre-existing in our lives and was affecting us anyway. Therefore it is something that should not threaten or scare us because we have already been coping with it and have decidedly survived it under the worse of conditions since we had not even been aware of it at all. Therefore now we are given the chance to do anything we want concerning what we just realized much better and with less energy than before, since we now know what it is all about.

b) our worth is not at risk in any way with the fact that we can see our to the point answers to our questions but on the contrary it is augmented because we display advanced intelligence and adult thought.

We must keep in mind that all this process DOES NOT INCREASE OUR RESPONSIBILITY to ourselves and our environment since from the moment we assume the status of the adult individual, all the responsibilities connected with being an adult become ours whether we have realized them or not. Therefore it is to our interest to know the full scope and limits of our responsibilities and our rights so that nobody will be able to assign to us responsibilities that are not ours and steal from us rights we have or rights that belong to those having assumed certain responsibilities.

That is, with the process of finding out and determining true values, responsibilities, rights as well as situations (as they really are, as they are presented to be and as they really should be) WE HAVE ONLY GAIN AND NO LOSS. One would say that this process is one of the few chances/bargains that exist in the world and of course there will be many who will fight tooth and nail and to the end to stop us from acquiring it, and certainly from stop being Free Bondsmen and becoming instantly Free Individuals.

But finally, who are those who want us to be Free Bondsmen?

Here, many would expect an answer of a political nature. However politics is a plateau where, in order to be able to play, we must have completed and perfected our understanding of the plateau of our everyday life and of the people with who we coexist and interact directly. We will see that with mathematical precision the abstract equation of the different forces within politics exists and is applied repeatedly and consistently within our social circles and our family.

What does this mean?

It means that in order for us to understand politics we must first understand the forces and the motives which guide and shape the behavior of the people who consist our family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues.

The moment that we truly grasp that, is the moment we will be able to read politics like an open book and in the same time see different shapes and sizes of Free Bondsmen.

But who would want a Free Bondsman?

If I were to give the answer right away, I would also be an expert who gives a bit of a spark but does not give the lighter to those who need constant fire. Therefore for that, we will begin from the lighter and you will be the ones to light your flame as befits Free Individuals.

In order to find out who would want a Free Bondsman, we must ask the question that logic demands: “who would benefit from one?”

Why is this the logical question?

Because nobody invests this much strategy, energy and persistence in something that will not yield at least triple his investment. The one who does not need a Free Bondsman, does not concern him/herself by forcing someone else to become one.

Since the beginning of time, one wanted a slave or a subject so that he/she could assign to that slave or subject all the activities requiring effort, courage, power, intelligence, skill, ingenuity, worthiness so that this one would exploit what the slave or the subject would create and produce.

Such a person either believes he/she is lacking in all the above qualities in comparison to the person he/she wants to subjugate or he/she does not want to invest his/her own power and qualities in order to have the corresponding results and gains which, however he/she demands anyway, and under no circumstance wants the slave/subject to realize and therefore reap the results and gains the slave/subject would possess were he/she a Free Individual.

Therefore in order to find who benefits from the existence of Free Bondsmen we would have to look to our environment in order to find persons who:

  1. declare an unfounded, irrational weakness and in the same time forcefully demand the aid of specific others.
  2. with their emotional state they enforce their will and make others capitulate with the fear they inspire of their possible worsening of whatever condition (e.g. “oh no! if ….. learns of it, what will we do?/ how can I say that when all hell will break loose/ what if he/she dies of the emotional shock?/ what if he/she becomes sick?/ etc”)
  3. threaten constantly and with little prompting that they will leave, move, abandon, die, stop financing, call upon god to punish/burn on the spot the environment or a specific person.
  4. they proclaim from the house-top their correct judgment, immaculate behavior, ethics, kindness, religiosity, virtue, cleverness, ability, skill, beauty, etc even if there is proof to the contrary and in the case someone points out that fact they engage in extreme levels of attack and histrionics / manic behaviors which frighten and force the others to say things of this sort: “let him/her be/ that’s the way he/she is/ don’t pay attention to him/her/ you must tolerate/put up with him/her, etc” .
  5. they proclaim from the house-top their extreme ability and in the same time their extreme misfortune that situations/ luck/ God prevented/forbade their social/ familial/ professional/ personal success while in the same time they accuse, envy and reject all other people saying that compared to their worth, these other people don’t deserve what they have. With this approach they enforce themselves on the people for whom they “have sacrificed themselves/ stuck out their necks for/ love to pieces/ etc” and they do not tolerate actual objections with the accusation : “you are an ingrate, you are ungrateful”.
  6. they also treat very warmly every person they envy when these people are present and in general are very absolutist, giving decrees and judgments to everyone in their environment while exempting themselves with phrases of this sort: “ it’s not the same thing with me/ I have nothing to do with this/ it’s not about what I do” and in addition coupling it with an overt or covert condemning remark about the intelligence or the ethics of the person who very intelligently pointed out the use of dual standards.

With these guidelines look around your environment without fear and see who benefits from the crime.

Do not be afraid if you find benefiting people who are very close to you and definitely do not fear if you suspect that some or any of the above characteristics describe you. Just the fact that you suspect it or see it in those around you presents you with a choice which you did not have before:

How do I face and control the situations that affect me knowingly and after my own personal choice of being a Free Individual or not?

The answer of which we will examine in the next post.

Questions, comments and need for communication is always welcome.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Free Bondsman

The Free Bondsman

This present blog was created and will exist as a clear and lucid attestation and documentation coupled with scientific analysis on the conditions and forces which create in the individual the following contradiction in terms of behavior and personal identity:

In modern society, especially in the European and Western societies the citizen in particular and the person in general has become A FREE BONDSMAN.

What does that mean and to whom is there blame directed?

The blame (and consequently, the accountability) is directed to far more factors than it seems and it is NOT solely or strictly the responsibility of the citizen him/herself and of the individual him/herself as it is generally preached by the socialization principles of every person.

Invisible but very powerful forces of manipulation on a personal, interpersonal and social level create an impermeable grey area in which everyone is at fault and by virtue of that, nobody is.

But before we begin analyzing the direction of blame and the systematic fogging of the awareness of every well-meaning and conscientious person concerning the process of action-reaction permeating our everyday lives, we must first define what the Free Bondsman really is:

The definition for ‘Free’ is:[1]

a) Able to act at will; not hampered; not under compulsion or restraint

b) Not held in servitude

c) Without obstructions

d) Unrestricted and Unconstrained

On the contrary, the definition of ‘Bondsman’ is:[2]

a) a slave

b) someone who is bound to serve without wages

c) someone who signs a bond as surety for someone else

And to better understand (a) in the definition of Bondsman, a ‘Slave’ is: [3]

a) a person who is held in servitude

b) a person who is not ‘Free’

c) a person who is owned by someone else

Therefore, how do we define The Free Bondsman?

The Free Bondsman is defined as the person who theoretically is free to act at will and evaluate, judge and think of matters without pressures, blackmail or compulsions about what he/she wants to be and how he/she wants to behave. This person truly believes that he/she is truly free and acting or behaving at will, without compulsions, but “within logical limits” .

The Free Bondsman is often inhibited by admonitions and blackmail of the type:

“This is not logical/rational/wise this does not make sense”

“This is simply not done”

“What will the people say?”

“What will _________ say?”

“You only think about yourself/ you are so selfish”

“you are cruel/thick skinned”

“You won’t be the one to say what is right”

“You must have a leader/ herder/ ruler in order to exist well”

“You aren’t able to make this decision/ you can’t make this decision”

“You can’t decide for yourself”

“Nobody will pay attention to you/ heed you even if you do speak out your opinion”

“Let someone else do that/ stick their neck out”

“That’s what everyone does/ this is the way it is/ this can’t change”


So, when the Free Bondsman reaches the limits of the accepted ‘free’ behavior, in come the shackles of social blackmail and out goes the alleged freedom. There only remains the Bondsman, not at all free, who obeys rules and orders because of fear and the emotional but also actual blackmail enforced on him/her.

In our society, Free Bondsmen are as free as the fish in an aquarium with an artificial background depicting the ocean: they can go anywhere within the constraints of the glass wall-limits and they can see the virtual ocean but they cannot ever experience it…

…ever? Not really. A small team of Free Bondmen have managed to break free of their aquarium, become Free Individuals and ever since they stand up against the efforts by third parties to force them to go back to “their place”.

The process to do the same is simple but not easy, unless we are determined to follow it through. In this case, it is not only simple, clear and manageable, but also really exciting.

And how does one make the first step?

Before we do anything and decide upon anything, we learn what the real setting is and what the real conditions we live in every day are.

We then see who is responsible for what.

We realize the true power all of us without exception have and use daily. As proof of this, just consider the fact that nobody is ever interested in controlling, affecting and subjugating a feeble and generally weak being. On the contrary, a good bondsman/ employee/ inferior/ subject must be extra strong and in possession of many and varied abilities in order to be of use. The feeble and the weak subjects are executed or left to wither and die as they are of no use.

To whom?

That is something we will begin to explore in the next article.

Have you ever felt in this or a similar way? Send me an e-mail with the description of the emotions and the situation pertinent and we will analyze it either here or in private if you prefer that.

[1] Reference from Webster’s Online dictionary

[2] Reference from Webster’s Online dictionary

[3] Reference from Webster’s Online dictionary