Friday, October 10, 2008

The Source of Social Illness

During the whole of the so called modern society (i.e. society where there is high organization, specialization and compartmentalization of roles, and general alignment towards consumerism and high administrative organization) which is encountered in most contemporary states, especially the ones of Western philosophy and those who adopt it, there has been noted an escalating social illness which in our days is in an outbreak.

Before we go further, as in any scientific analysis, we are obligated to define our terminology so that we all understand and are certain what we are referring to:

With the term social illness we mean the social condition in which out of all the social groups within a society only one or two prosper, typically in a minority/ minute percentage of the whole, amassing a huge surplus of energy and money while the crushing majority of that society subsists or even expires due to assorted hardships on a material and psychological level.

With the term outbreak we mean the direct and speedy exacerbation of social illness to the point that social development is fully suspended.

With the term social development we mean the progressive course of all the groups in a society so that the average level of living, education, free time, medical care and freedom is systematically improved both in quantity and in quality. The product of social development is always the enrichment of philosophy, culture and additional pathways for the evolution of Humans from the basic, lower levels of existence to the higher ones which go beyond consumerism, materialism and the ascription of high social standing to objects.

Whenever there is social illness, social development is reduced depending on the level of infection/ affliction of society. In cases of outbreak, we have the suspension of social development and very often backtracking. Sociologically, modern society begins with the organization of politics and production in more or less the guidelines existing today. This, depending on the region, can be places since the 18th century and onwards at least. Since then and until today there has been noted periodically great social development (enlightenments, philosophical movements, existential theories, psychological and sociological programs, political and cultural movements, etc) which is abruptly stopped or even cancelled out from outbreaks of social illness (such as the industrial revolution and the social illness it incurred, the creation of economic science, the creation of checking mechanisms using blackmail or torture, the creation of mechanisms of categorization on a mass level, etc).

Many times we see tangible proof of this backsliding when we ‘re-discover’ situation, theories, philosophies, solutions and scientific methodologies/ answers which had already been discovered in earlier eras and due to social illness had been eradicated to a great level, forcing society to re-research and re-conquer that which society already was aware of before the outbreak (e.g. the concept of syndicalism and social equality were re-discovered many times during the course of history since antiquity until now, with such examples as the slaves’ syndicalism with Spartacus at the helm, the medieval craft unions in Europe, the syndicalism of the slaves in the USA, the syndicalism of women primarily with the suffragettes and afterwards with the feminists, etc). This means that due to the social illness from which society does not seem to ever be rid, society is forced to stagnate, battling for the same issue constantly and never securing it, in a form of ‘one step forward, two steps back’.

So, what is the source of social illness and why doesn’t it seem to be ever cured, just periodically go in remission?

Following the logic of the babushkas we have been in these articles, society is nothing more than the sum of the influences and actions of the people comprising it. An illness is because of either environmental factors causing the affliction, or to internal factors bringing about the same. If the factors were environments then with the change in the environment the illness should be eradicated or be differentiated.

In the case of society we can say with assurance that the factors are not environmental because in all the historical periods we have exactly the same symptoms with exactly the same behavior of society (i.e., the stagnation forcing society to oscillate and not develop). In another of our articles we will mention and analyze the truth of the matter for every historic period even before the sociological boundaries of the existence of modernity.

That means that the source of social illness, since it is not environmental, is internal. Therefore, just like in every organism, a part of society causes toxicity suspending the healthy development as we have mentioned above. Most philosophical and political/ sociological theories agree on this point and differentiate on the social group within society they hold responsible for this condition.

In essence, all theories built in the proper scientific methodology have grasped part of the truth and therefore are not wrong (from fundamentalism to Marxism to person-centered liberal social theories). But if we try to pick one as the only truth and reject all the rest it is certain that we will err and fail. Since all the theories are not wrong but non is by itself able to correctly justify everything, in order to be able to reach the answer we are looking for (i.e. the reason for social illness) we must take them all into account in order to compose the complex, multifaceted image of society, as multifaceted as humans themselves.

Each of the theories incriminates a different social class/ social group/ social phenomenon. That means not that one is wrong but that the incriminating element exists in all of society, that is in all the social classes and groups. If this is correct, which facts indicate it is since historically we see the same symptoms in all social groups even if they are isolated within society, then we will have to look for the source of social illness not in society’s organization but in its members.

The members of society are of course people, and we will see here how the smallest babushka is the one responsible for and affecting the biggest one, either positively or negatively. When we say smallest babushka we mean each individual wherever he/she is regarding social class, and when we say the biggest babushka we mean all of society which we have been analyzing up to now. That is, smallest babushka is the homeless person, the doctor living in suburb so-and-so, the ship owner owning an island and the emperor owning palaces in different conquered cities besides his/her basic one. A big babushka is the social group of all the homeless, all the doctors, all the ship owners and all the emperors/kings. It is a big babushka (bigger than the smallest) because all the ship owners together impose (theoretically) on one ship owner a way of life and a way of using/ handling his/her resources. That holds for all the individuals without exception, and that is why even the most ‘powerful’ man is a another smallest babushka which can at any moment be swept away by the immediate bigger social group it belongs to. (e.g. the Austro-Hungarian empress Elizabeth and her son Rudolf before her were murdered with the support of their social group, which was the nobility and other kids, because they were following a more liberal policy than what their social group wanted. The same happened with king Alexander of Greece who was murdered for the same reasons of going against his social group which was comprised by the high profile politicians/ plutocrats of the era and with the last nuclear czar family of Russia Romanov which broke several taboos and threatened with a tendency towards liberalism which was stifled by the rest of the members of this social group, such as the wider Romanov family and other nobles)

What can we therefore conclude based on the above regarding social illness and its source?

That which we can conclude since there are the same symptoms of imposition and persecution in all without exception the social groups in between their individuals, the social illness is not because of something nameless but because of a very specific type of person who acts in the same way regardless if he/she is very rich or a beggar.

Which are the parameters characterizing immediately the individual whose behavior maintains and aggravates the social illness?

It is important to understand that these people are not defective by birth or genetically different than the rest. They are individuals who have been schooled or are being schooled as we have described in previous articles: to seek the creation of Free Bondsmen because they have been saturated with the conviction that they are completely incompetent and weak and can’t survive on their own force, skills, intelligence, status and value and therefore they must convince all the rest of being inferior. If they manage that, the people responsible for the social illness feel that the actually strong and valuable will be blind/ weak because of insecurity and they will prefer to maintain the individuals-carriers of the illness instead of expelling them. We have described the entire exact procedure and motive behind it in our initial articles regarding Free Bondsmen and up to the article on the Shadow Puppet Theatre.

In essence, no matter which social system/ regime we try to apply, it will fail to eradicate the social illness if there are no defense mechanisms isolating and marginalizing these individuals-carriers of the illness with an end of expelling them. That would happen because in all the social systems/ regimes these individuals-carriers of the illness would try at all costs to twist the social rules in each system/regime so that they would impose the exact same condition: their maintenance and demand of their being worshipped/ satisfied in their insatiable demands by the rest of the social group. (This is very evident in all the social systems from kingship to communism where in record time the basic condition was crystallized into having a tiny group oppressing financially and politically/existentially the huge group of the rest of the people, simply changing the terminology and rank titles from system to system).

This behavior by these individuals is possible to change if we catch them in time and reverse the upbringing which has been done. These individuals are everywhere and serve as defense mechanism and resistance to the interest of the most obvious social criminals such as e.g. a dictator, a feudal lord or a big capital holder / owner of a multinational corporation. They are the individuals who will support the illing condition when all the rest are fighting to reverse it. That is why these individuals are highly dangerous and must be identified and kept at bay at all times or subject them to treatment (if they so wish it), because they are highly contagious and subversive with regard to social health (which includes family health, professional health as well as personal health). These individuals have some general/ universal behavioral patterns which we can keep in mind so we can diagnose them accurately, regardless of their education, cultivation, age and status:

1. these individuals find it fun or funny to deliberately humiliate the other person.
2. these individuals take pleasure in embarrassing the other person.
3. these individuals only act out behaviors 1 & 2 when they are certain the target is weaker than them or have guarantee that the target, though stronger than them, will not go against them/ react.
4. these individuals are indifferent to or take pleasure in/ get satisfaction in/ feel safe when/ they witness pain/ distress/ suffering/ psychololgical violence that either they cause or a third party does (animal, human, social group).
5. these individuals cannot ever allow third parties not to include them in situations/ acts/ successes/ profits/ gain despite the fact they are not entitled to it.
6. these individuals do not ever produce work unless they are rewarded with multiples of the worth of what work they produced and which often has been embezzled/ gotten from third parties.
7. these individuals never help, even when they are paid to give this help except when they are made to do it and even then they do the absolute minimum.
8. these individuals have no problem/ moral boundary and they are willing to do anything provided they are guaranteed immunity and secrecy.
9. these individuals systematically and at every moment they can to daily belittle and demean everyone around them with direct and indirect ways, from the indirect accusation that everyone around them is dumb and/or weak/ugly/ unwanted/ useless up to the official ‘diagnosis’ condemning people to the above categories if these individuals are ‘scientists’ or ‘professionals’ or ‘politicians’.
10. In order to impose themselves, these individuals gather around them an assortment of followers and bodyguards of all shapes and sizes, gather as many status symbols as they can and which matter to their own social group and/or all of the social groups, and demean everything that matches and which others have, camouflaging their own lack of worth/ skill/ power/ intelligence behind this parapet of jewelry, cars, houses/ property, a crowd of subordinates, servants and followers.

These individuals displaying the above symptoms are high risk for our selves, and our family members who are not displaying these symptoms and consequently for the social illness which causes all these phenomena of decay, from social crisis to assorted wars.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Economics

It is on the average known that the ancient Greeks, who first conceived the organization and logic of the democratic regime, considered a second class citizen the one they called ‘idiotis’ (ιδιώτης): i.e. the citizen who left the handling of state affairs to the people holding public positions and who would not occupy himself with anything but private matters. Many also suggest that this concept of ‘idiotis’ expanded to mean a kind of silly/obtuse person, and from there the word ‘idiot’ in English was created.

Where the ancient Greeks right to believe this for a home maker who busied himself with his own affairs and ‘did not meddle’?

Of course they were right. This man who was not taking the time to check on and ensure that every aspect of the administration of the state was going well, and all the actions taken were to the interest and not the exploitation of the Demos/People did not comprehend the very simple fact that his own private affairs would be negatively influenced since he would have left to their own fate the public ones, such as organization/taxation of the Demos and the foreign policy with other Demoi.

This person already was and is in every Democracy a liability and inhibition, as well as the back door through which all the elements causing corruption, corrosion, impoverishment and personal decline financially enter.

Yes, but for this reason I elect representatives who will defend my interests and those of my Demos/State so that I can see to my own affairs and not occupy myself with other things.

Anyone who has ever hired household help to clean and generally maintain the house, leaves his/her home leaving the help inside without supervision, and upon return finds out that the household help stole the mistress’ jewelry, the cash and stocks of the master and all the electronic appliances of the children, instead of receiving sympathy from the neighbours for what befell him/her, he/she will probably be asked the rhetorical question ‘and where were you to supervise?’, accompanied with smirking behind his/her back.

That is to say, any employee we hire to help out requires close and continuous supervision as well as guidance and surveillance. Otherwise, it is mathematically certain that the employee will inadvertedly oversee, neglect or badly fulfill his/her duties and in the worst case, the employee will embezzle, abuse and even steal all of the business from his/her rightful employer.

Therefore, given that we choose the representatives who are going to serve the work of maintaining and improving the state which equals to maintaining and improving the quality of life of all without exception citizens comprising it (minister = ypourgos in greek, which means one who assumes the duty, and Democracy = demos + krato, which means that the People has the Power of State), we are obliged and we need to supervise and check that all works correctly and towards our interests so that we won’t become victims of embezzlement and theft of our power, fortunes and lives.

Yes, but how can I know how to check upon all these people who have special knowledge and experience in politics and I will probably mess it all up?

If it were true that to run a state, internally and externally, special knowledge is required which you need to study, then a regime based on the People would never be able to yield results or even have a specific shape and targets. That is to say, in order to run a state you need common logic, assertiveness, specific targets and simplicity in the methods employed to achieve these targets. The ancients whom we so admire for the creation and work of democracy, only demanded one thing as requirement from the citizen in order to consider him able to lead the state and in general to have valid opinion: age. They demanded, that is, from the individual to have lived enough so that experience is amassed from which consists the knowledge of life (to have worked, to have faced business and financial matters and to have acquired the views needed to avoid dangerous conditions that he has in the past faced).

So, each citizen who has managed to maintain a household through all the hardships of every day life is fully equipped with all the knowledge required to be able successfully tidy up any state and maintain it. If, in addition to that, he/she has managed to raise back up on his/her feet after disasters of all kinds, financial dead ends and unforeseen events within and outside his/her family, then this person is a highly qualified person for the position of leader of the state and should be in high demand just like one who has a Ph.D. from Harvard.

Ok, what about the ones leading/ruling now? Don’t they fulfill these requirements?

No, they don’t. People like K. Karamanlis, G. Papandreou (and his father and grandfather), K. Simitis, K. Mitsotakis and his family do not fulfill these requirements as they are products of dynasties sustained and destining their offspring to ‘rule’ and not to work, exactly like the dynasties of kings and the aristocratic classes of Dukes and Princes in any totalitarian regime.

If we analyze the CVs of all these people, we will see that any work they mention is short lived and hard to check whether the position they held (in universities, in committees, multinational corporations, banks, etc) was acquired thanks to their skills and abilities and not thanks to their names, as these positions are not open equally to everyone as skilled but ‘anonymous’ professionals, and all of the positions are positions of status (either towards students or towards other employees being managed).

This sort of work does not prove survival potential of these individuals within modern society if deprived of their ‘safety net’ of their surname. It also does not even prove their capacity to use the occasional skills they have since they are not actually left with the responsibility of the enterprise in which they worked, so that we can check and see if they’d cause it to go bankrupt or not.

On the contrary, they have beyond doubt shown that even economics specialists have failed to balance the state’s income and expenses, something that women holding the household, with an education level of the first grade only and far direr conditions faced, have been successfully doing for decades.

And what can we do since everyone is inept and from abroad we are suffering even harder financial crises?

When no household help can clean our house, we do not keep paying the inept help. We clean our own house on our own and we do not pay. If, in addition, the inept help has broken or otherwise destroyed property, then we oblige the help to reimburse us before we let him/her go.

The same holds for the cases of the people manning the state machine. All of them have assumed specific obligations, accepting the rules of the enterprise which the state is, and are not only under contract but also under oath to serve and uphold the rules and their employers (the People). Since facts show that they have not done that which they committed to claiming they have the capacity and skill to do it, they are oath breakers and highly unsuitable for the job and so they should reimburse the People who entrusted them because they cheated (i.e. they committed the crime of fraud), materially and morally and afterwards they should withdraw for ever and familially from Public Life.

And what will happen to us without representatives? Who will help and save us?

Primarily we will have to realize that so far nobody has been helping us and certainly nobody has been saving us- on the contrary, everything that can be done to destroy us and annihilate us has been done so that society will return to the era of the Turkish occupation and that of Feudal Europe, where there was no property and man belonged to the few who had snatched/embezzled it.

We don’t need representatives. In the worst case, we need administrative AND NOT RULING Employees. The employee is the one who serves for pay his/her employer. In no occasion can the employee take initiative and order his/her employer. The only thing the employee can take is orders on specific matters and not a ‘blank check’ to do whatever he/she likes for a period of time.

The only one who can help and save us is our own self AND A COMMON FRONT OF DEALING with problems, just like the common front maintained as we speak by the politicians far and wide against the citizens, which is the only thing which has kept him in their positions despite all the treacheries and scandals, like the one of K. Mitsotakis’ tergiversation or the shame of the family history of the Pangalos family.

If the severity with which we check upon associates and employees in our businesses was commonly transferred in our reaction to the actions of these people it is certain that our every day life would instantly improve.

If we stopped fearing that we are not able and assumed our responsibilities as citizens, supervising every step of the policies followed in every sector of the state, then all the utopian scenarios would be possible.

And how can I check on things I don’t even know what they mean or what they are there for?

An immense and obscure jargon/terminology is one more way of intimidation and indirect way to get across the message that the average citizen does not have the capacity to understand that which the politicians do. This is completely unfounded and false since to anyone who is explained every single term, understanding is immediate and certain.

It is therefore an obligation and right of the Citizen to demand explanations. If a message is hard to understand then it is 99% possible that there is foul play towards the citizen who is asked to agree to something he/she does not understand (this is punishable by law in all other cases). Every issue of the state must be presented in the spoken language and with a full capacity of having explanatory questions posed: this in essence is already in effect since the Citizen has the capacity to file any question to any Public Authority and receive and answer (Greek law states that if the answer is not satisfactory or within the limit of 60 days since filing, the Public Service pays a fine). Therefore, the concept that someone should be ashamed for wanted to ask is being cultivated by the ones who simply do not want to give answers, just like we have in the past described happens by those who cultivate and want Free Bondsmen.

I have no time to occupy myself with something like that.

The reason you do not have the time is because you are rushing to meet and face all the problems which you wouldn’t have if you invested this time into checking upon the ones causing them to you. Just as in every thing, if we consider it necessary for survival we find the time to do it, just as we find the time to sue a fellow citizen who is harming us. In the same token, why not sue or warn or check on or supervise those fellow citizens who you fund and pay to make your life easier, not more torturous?

Yes, but in some things this is impossible, such as e.g. secret diplomatic moves or the laying down of the financial policy.

This is not accurate, false and hightly destructive. It is as if you do not look out to see where the pilot will fly to because you do not know what an airway is. There are many very practical methods through which we can check not only where the pilot will fly, but also in which way he will do it. That is, we can and must check on diplomatic moves and the laying down of financial policy qualitatively and quantitatively with simple methods which will truly reflect and represent what the People want and not what a few parasitic and abusively rich business people and high profile personalities want.

And how does one do that?

We will begin to present this methodology sector by sector with next week’s article, beginning with financial policies.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


(special article, part 2)

In the last part of this special article we laid down the basic principles and way of handling that a ciizen must possess not so much to be a correct citizen or some such philosophical ideal but in order to be able to protect him/herself from the vital and highly important threats and dangers of everyday life within the setting we call ‘civil life’. Just like in every process of learning and teaching, after the explaining of the logic and the basic principles, it is necessary to apply them practically so that we will understand and realize that we are not talking about something theoretical and untouchable or utopian but about the actual process to which we owe our existence at this time in a lawful state, and the only thing we have to do is apply it actively instead of pushing it aside for fear or manipulation. This actual process we described in the first part gave humanity concepts such as ‘Human Rights’, ‘Free Education’, ‘Welfare State’, ‘Social Insurance’. ‘Freedom of Thought and Speech’, ‘Self-Determination’, ‘Equality’, ‘Right to Vote’, ‘Constitutional Right’.

Every single one of these concepts and the applications derived from them is the result of the stance, attitude and action of people and later groups which followed faithfully the 10 Axioms of the article’s first part. We can infer/deduct this easily with a simple overview of their actions and a reading of their writings, if there are any. It is very important to keep in mind that before the establishment of such concepts as we mentioned the social situation was extreme, relentless and fully prohibitive towards elements opposing and following the 10 axioms, and worse than it is today. Even so, simple, everyday people who had lived for several decades in the obscurantist situation before the establishment of the concepts we mentioned decided that the conditions of their everyday life were unacceptable and against the law of Nature and God and as such, they were obliged to take measures so that they would be replaced with normal ones, congruent with God.

The most important of all which we must keep in our conscience is that these oppressors with the right of life and death over these people, with impunity and with superior technology not only could not overcome these people who were following the 10 Axioms but instead were forced to take to flight and disguise themselves and hide so that they would be as invisible as possible so that they would elude the attention of people who took away from them the authorities they had embezzled, so that they would use time and manipulation to take them back, swindling and deriding behind masks.

If we make an overview of World History from 1890 to present day we will see exactly this course of the process:

Stage 1: People follow the 10 Axioms, evaluate situations around them and decide to achieve certain goals towards the reinstitution of proper order according to Nature and/or God (as is presented through scriptures and not additional interpretations, explanations, analyses and decisions from a group of priests or other ecclesiastic agents).

Stage 2: People follow methodologies which are highly effective and in the same time express the level of their decision to reinstate order without fear or relenting to the bravado and threats and actions of the opponents seeking to maintain the situation existing.

Stage 3: People achieve the goals which have been derived from the 10 Axioms and the evaluation of situations, with the establishment of authorities and concepts as well as laws guarding their now-vested rights.

Stage 4: The opponents who lost their authorities which they had been embezzling as well as the privileges with which they were living parasitically, live in utmost secrecy and allow for a period of lull during which the laws and vested rights achieved in Stage 3 are upheld and are in force, so that the level of alertness of the people will lower because of a feeling of security and lack of need of control and guarding of their vested rights.

Stage 5: Very gradually and while the vested rights are not being guarded any longer, these opponents infiltrate positions of power, administration and responsibility via their representatives which they buy and who are traitorous and against the people and their vested rights, but present themselves demagogically as defenders and protectors of the people and their rights. While being in these positions, they gradually begin corrupting them and misleading the people from the ideas, the goals and the 10 Axioms which gave them the power they possess and which ensures increase of their well being and freedom through the introduction of fabricated needs which are phased in as progressive. Additionally, unfounded and irrational threats without object (e.g. ‘we will be characterized as inferior to others’ regardless of whether we are actually are or whether we are living with better quality of life than these others).

Stage 6: The social situation before Stage 1 comes back with acrimony and directly with driving and humiliating changes in legislation, institutions and social class, this time with a projection of the very concepts/values which were achieved and established in Stage 2 as ‘sacred’ and as such devalued, since now they have no impact or meaning to the people who are suffering, convinced they are weak and alone and powerless. For example, Freedom is projected as the most sacred and ultimate concept and motivation of the state / superpower of the U.S.A but in the name of Freedom and for the enforcement of it there is censorship within and out of USA borders, non-response to the wish of the American People in matters of life and death (such as an end to the war in Iraq and the return of troops home), the totalitarian international behavior which often manifests with invasion in foreign countries either with presumptuous diplomatic orders mixed with threats for internal affairs of every country for which they have no right to have a say, or with pure act of war and bloodshed of non-combatant population. All of these are actions of totalitarianism and menticide but are presented as expressions of the concept of Freedom, making the idea of Freedom from ridiculous to hated. In this manner the people are disarmed from their weapons since they are manipulated and taught to hate and abhor them.

A characteristic example from Greece are the concepts ‘Bread, Education, Liberty’ which have become associated with ‘anarchists/ communists’ and the ‘Hellas of Christian Hellenes’ which has been associated with the junta, dictatorship, totalitarianism, ridicule, inhumanity, exile and beatings.

If we examine closely these two mottos, actually analyzing the concepts they are promoting and projecting we will see that they contain the concept of welfare state, of critical thinking, of the need of belonging, the healthy system of evaluation regarding morals and daily dealing with our fellow man as well as the daily Greek life style which defended the bodily and mental health of the individual needing to adjust to everyday conditions according to the position of the country on the globe, as well as the ensuring of the survival of the people through the ages even under the state of occupation of other nations and cultures, as was proven historically with the Turkish and later the German occupation.

With the propaganda and the social unrest which intentionally associated these mottos either every directly opposite concept to which the Greek person rebels (without allowing the analysis of what these concepts under attack describe and defend), the Greek People was robbed from the weapons which helped its survival through the ages and the preservation of the enlightened spirit which was bequeathed from antiquity and which promotes and has been promoting Freedom of Thought with the goal of the well being and happiness of the individual.

In the same time, the Greek citizen sustained a cultural rape from others presenting themselves as Greeks who, however, were and are opposed and serving those who Greeks have always been throwing off: propaganda in the form of books, published newspaper stories and others such as ‘The Misery of Being Greek’ by N. Dimou or the song ‘Fuck’n Greeks’ by D. Savopoulos or additions to daily vocabulary of words like ‘big greek’ (Ελληνάρας) which is synonymous to a bad mannered, uncivilized, coarse and debased person who is sly and conniving, teach the Greek person and manipulate him/her into hating and being ashamed of his/herself and his/her name and identity, and all that is related to it which in this case is all the wealth of philosophy and intellect keeping him/her Free and Intact for eons. So the Greek person looks for another identity for which he/she will not feel ashamed and hooks him/herself from the one foisted with arguments such as ‘that’s what progressive people do’, ‘that’s what Europeans do’, ‘that’s how you will be in and not backwards’.

Today, in 2008 society internationally and globally is at Stage 6 and rapidly returning not only to the totalitarian conditions and regimes (devaluing the concept of Democracy and Liberalism in the process) but also to the low level of thought with the overabundance and introduction of customs and beliefs which obfuscate such as running to mediums and astrologers, having faith in convictions and supernatural beings such as demons, vampires and ghosts, application of dark magic and voodoo (as it is projected through the mass media and not the actual light-side philosophy of the particular creed) and a plethora of other fatalistic acts and philosophies promoting fear and desperation because of the sense of lack of control in our hands (internal vs. external locus of control).

Today in 2008 we have just entered a process of economic depression which is eradicating the middle social class so that there will only be ‘aristocracy’ and ‘lower working class’ (lumpenproletariat) as in the age before Enlightenment and earlier. This depression which internatially is ruining lives and families and in one stroke eradicates the work and striving of generations is fabricated and imposed exactly as we have described in Stage 6, since it does not stem from the law ‘of supply and demand’ of economy (i.e. lack of supply means raising of the prices, high supply means lowering of the prices). With today’s technology but also on the basis of the energy resourses of the planet, there is a surplus in food and services (as one can tell from the level of unemployment of professionals as well as the vast quantities of food which, though fit for consumption, are destroyed and do not enter the market) which covers more than enough the demand and therefore there should exist a drop in prices.

Despite the fact that even officially it is announced that the reason for the high price rate is not supply and demand but profiteering (of course not on the part of simple traders or producers of goods but the rest of the parasitic elements in society and the market), people like prime minister K. Karamanlis and his counterparts/colleages in the European Union claim and declare that there are “no magic solutions” in the problem of high price rates. If we apply in the process of our evaluation the principles of critical thought and the 10 Axioms we listed in the first part of the article, we will easily conclude that the people who rose up or were imposed with special, highly expensive election campaigns as well as unclear procedures of election, sponsored overtly or covertly from private individuals who are hiding behind Corporations are incompetent, inexperienced regarding the management of funds and un-free, since they are funded and are depended from their sponsors. They therefore have every interest to well represent each businessperson/ individual who has taken it upon him/herself to sustain them.

That which we must realize again as our ancestors of Stage 1 is that we don’t need nor require magical solutions, since these problems did not arise “magically” and out of the blue. As in every business or household (which, according to the logic of the babushka we follow, is a miniature state with the entrepreneur or home maker in the position of the prime minister, but with more difficulties than the real one who has the capacity to shape conditions and resources as he/she wants within the state) so can the problems within a state be resolved immediately (within weeks) and remain solved in the interest of every individual, of course with the necessary proviso that the goal of the people assuming the reins of the state truly do target this and not to turn the state in an enrichment machine for the few.

In our next article we will show the truth of the above words by beginning to describe the methodology of the proper governance which will solve all of the above and more without the minutest deprivation/destitution on the level of middle and upper middle social class, which is the best level of living for every normal individual regardless of profession (from farmer to doctor and from tradesman to professor).

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Regarding the Home, the Demos and their Commissaries

( special article)

Common logic, which ensures the survival and welfare of all the entities on earth belonging at least to the fauna, in which humans are also included, is something which we have many times said we possess from birth as our basic weapon of survival and we are obliged to practice it and develop it throughout our lives.

We are also obliged to use to the fullest the general common logic as it has become shaped through the eons so that it can accommodate and protect as much as possible the coming generations, based on the essence of experience of the departing ones.

Great attention is required in order to have a vertical and clear separation between common logic (which is priceless and necessary) and common opinion (which is confounded, rarely confirmable and usually destructive as it is presented). While common logic is in essence simple but fundamental positions based on the knowledge of the relationship of action-reaction and prediction exactly as in the results of a longitudinal and wide-sample research (and therefore very reliable and representative, almost at the level of natural law), common opinion is the exact opposite of that since it is based on subjective and superficial evaluation of situations and values on the basis of influence and imposition: common opinion is not driven by a need for objective representation of reality geared to correct conclusion drawing but by a need for inclusion to the general group with unconditional agreement and consent to anything that is presented as position of the general group as a ticket in.

For example: a child who wants to be included in the game during recess by the big group of kids will agree or copy the behavior the big group of kids has towards another child/ the teachers/ the cleaning staff/ etc regardless of whether this same child considers this behavior correct/ prudent/ constructive or not (that is why many children feel bad after school).

On the same token which is exactly what drives common opinion, operates every person who needs ‘to be included in the game’ and for the sake of this big group he/she sacrifices principles, time, money, family, self esteem and even his/her body and life- against his/her common logic, the first priority of which is the protection and well being of the aforementioned things.

Yes, but man is a social being, therefore man cannot survive on his/her own and the ones who can are ‘unnatural’ and unhappy. Therefore I am not going against common logic by following common opinion. Isn’t that so?

Unfortunately it is not so. We will follow common logic to prove why not. For certain, man is a social being. But have we realized what we mean by this term? We must always be careful with terms and concept we are told because many times they are presented in a way that they are undefined and each one infers what each ones already believes/is afraid the term or concept means and not the meaning under discussion.

So, when we say that man is a social being we mean that man is made to be an independent part of a group of equally independent individuals so that man will be able to contribute along with the contributions of all the other people for the achievement of a common goal which is clear and commonly accepted by all the individuals of the group and equally constructive for everyone. Man, therefore, is the agent of an idea/ goal/ policy which will yield fruit for him/herself as well as the other people equally well: man, that is, is socially positively oriented, a social being.

However, what happens on the basis of need for someone to be included in a group which is driven by common opinion and the policy of this common opinion does not render man a social but an anti-social being: it renders him a dependent person seeking the lending of his/her potential to some other individual (which spells out blind obeisance and following without the contribution of any estimation/ constructive thought to anything) in the form of contribution, aiming at the reward of waiving of responsibility but also any further participation and contribution in common affairs. Therefore with the consent of any ‘common opinion’ without any presence of evaluation process regarding the quality and correctness of that opinion, the people who follow it (and are ‘in’/ ‘trendy’/ ‘opinionated’/ ‘progressive’/ ‘liberal’/ ‘open-minded’/ ‘intellectual’/ ‘clever’ / etc) buy out their obligation to oversee and protect the interest of their own selves and society, indifferent to the fate of this society and their own person. Therefore these people are extremely anti-social and therefore against the nature of man to be a social being. Therefore, these are the people who are unnatural, sick and harmful.

The man who is truly a social being (i.e. a healthy representative of his/her kind) is the one interested primarily to protect and promote natural health, mental health and psychological health as well as the potential for development in a positive and augmenting trajectory regarding intellect which, in its own turn, will defend even more the types of health I mentioned. This cannot be achieved with technical education alone (i.e. studies of all kinds) but with full use and understanding of common logic and its principles.

And what are those?

The basic principles of common logic are universal and absolute and very simple. In particular:

1. I do not consent to anything before I examine it thoroughly. Time which is invested in the examining before the decision is made is a fraction of the time saved by avoiding future problems which would arise from a forced, superficial or ignorant decision, the resolving of which is time consuming, energy consuming and high cost.

2. If I am burdened with time constraints to ‘hurry and catch an opportunity’ then 99.9% of the cases there is a trap or other kind of foul play which if I was allowed to exercise principle 1, I would immediately see. Therefore I prefer to ‘lose the opportunity’ and keep my possessions.

3. If I am being psychologically blackmailed to take back or not act according to a decision I have made based on principle 1 because I am being threatened I will be badly characterized, or turned away from the group or lose some priviledges or appreciation or anything else which is unfounded and non-tangible, supported by the opinion of third parties and many times undefined third parties, then I know my decision is very correct and it will yield me power and status for me and my real group.

4. I do not under any circumstances accept the existence of so called ‘gray areas’. The gray area is synonymous to anarchy, anomy, lawlessness as well as a lack of logic and positive motive and goals from those endorsing and enforcing it (and from which they benefit in one way or the other). If the so called gray area does not clear our in fully understandable black and whites then I refuse to be part of and participate in the process as it will not be in my control and that of my common logic and therefore I am in danger personally as well as the ones I am representing.

5. I do not accept and I oppose anyone trying to avoid clearing out the gray area for me, claiming that I am not capable of grasping it, it is impossible to be explained in simpler terms, it is not my jurisdiction to understand it, he/she has no time to explain it to me, or for any other reason does not accept to make it clear. If the process of action – reaction (that is, how the action about to take place will have the result it claims it will) is not clear in all individuals without exception, regardless of their socio-political and educational level and who have not suffered brain damage, then there is possible foul play or unclear action and we are obligated for the sake of our interests and those of the group we represent not to consent and bring opposition.

6. I do not accept that actions necessary for my survival and that of my social group like principle 5 is impractical, utopian or impossible. The being possessing the capacity to discover the way to split the atom, live in all the range of geological/climatic conditions, discover the way to cancel out gravity, viruses and bacteria can find the way and the method to explain methods, policies, strategies, reports, balances and so on so that principle 5 and all the others can be achieved.

7. I do not accept any kind of violent enforcement upon my person and my intellect whether this is attempted by few or many, by regimes, governments, committees, councils, newspapers, magazines, television, authors, awars, scientists, high profile people and others: all without fail will have to be able to convince on the basic of common logic without implicating technical knowledge that is none of my concern, and without pressuring me through propaganda and blackmail or lack of time so I can make my estimations.

8. I do not accept the concept of ‘done deals’ or ‘drawn conclusions/ complete processes/ perpetual conditions’: the being having managed to turn away age-old torrential rives, change the shape of shores created after millennia and be enforced only on the force of his/her common logic against the natural weapons of other predators has the capacity and obligation to reform anything undermining his/her existence.

9. I am not deterred from my course by blackmail that I will be alone. I am a social being and by following the above principles I show that I possess the power and force to support constructively other social beings who by nature will be attracted to me. Therefore I shall never be isolated. On the contrary, the other, anti-social beings trying to blackmail me in this way are the ones ravaged by alienation, isolation and loneliness.

10. I do not accept that there are dead ends, unsolvable situations, inert situations because of the concept of ‘between a rock and a hard place’. All the situations have a positive solution which is fully constructive and the only reason that anti-social beings try to thwart the solution is because in a truly constructive solution, their weakness and lack of intellect would become apparent and therefore they would have a position no higher of that of a dependent in the social group.

These basic principles of common logic hold for our selves and all the social groups from the family to the state to international alliances. Based, then, on these principles of common logic, we will analyze the current statements of several people who improperly hold positions of leadership or responsibility in the Greek state. Of course, given that the profile of these people is the same internationally, the only thing changing for other countries in terms of content in this blog, is the names.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


From very early in the upbringing and socialization of each one of us we are taught to sustain a perpetual intimidation and twisting of the proper concept for action, reaction and feedback of a person with its environment on a social but also physical level. Today, instead of starting by demonstrating what is the wrong take and then what is the proper standing of things, regardless of propaganda or philosophy, we will begin by showing what truly and invariantly holds for humans and their effect on society and the environment and in no case can change, whether we take it into account or not.

From the moment of birth or even conception, the person has a great effect on his/her environment because on an already existing situation (regardless of the quality of this situation) is inserted the self as a new factor and primarily as a much-promising undefined variable. Always and in every case the new person arriving acts as a catalyst for the far more intense behavior and alignment of all the people of his/her direct and then soon enough his/her greater social circle. But just like every catalyst on all levels and aspects of nature, from chemistry to psychology DOES NOT ACT AS A TRANSFORMER OF PEOPLE AND SITUATIONS BUT AS A FORCE MAKING THE ALREADY EXISTING PROCESS AND REACTION COME ABOUT FASTER AND MORE INTENSELY.

That is to say, a baby arriving to a couple which does not have a base of cohesion and harmony between themselves (not in the case that manipulation is potentially masking the true relationship existing) will, as a catalyst, bring to the fore the lack of cohesion and harmony that pre-existed, in very vivid colours. A baby arriving to a couple having the base of cohesion and harmony even if under attack by manipulation of third parties, will act as a catalyst and bring to the fore this cohesion and harmony in equally vivid colours.

The arrival of a new person will greatly strengthen the already existing positions and alignments of his/her environment BUT IN NO CASE WILL HE/SHE CHANGE OR TRANSFORM AN ALREADY EXISTING STANCE INTO A DIFFERENT ONE. It is possibly that the surface behavior change drastically but this change of ‘course’ takes place only so that it will coincide with the alignment and motivation already pre-existing. E.g. a mother who truly and actually as her children as first priority and not her husband or her parents or herself may, before the arrival of her offspring or even during carrying or the first stages of upbringing, consent to and act in ways that do not give priority to this offspring if she herself is manipulated into believing that it is ‘for the good of the children/ so that she won’t harm them/ so that she won’t hold them back/ so that she won’t make them weird/ so that she won’t make them like herself/ etc’. However, from the moment that this mother realizes that what she is pushed to do for her child are not only not correct but also very harmful, the catalytic effect of the child is triggered since the mother acts according to her always existing priority of her offspring’s wellbeing and does not allow anything that is harmful to them exist in their environment. If the realization of the harmful effect of the environment on the child does not push the parents to stake a direct and drastic stance to protect the child, then immediately and by default they have taken a stance and demonstrated in high relief the true order of priority/ loyalty/ faith/ values driving them regardless of what they profess. That is the exact catalytic effect of a person on his/her environment and it is unavoidable.

Why did we present all of the above and how do they serve as an illustration of the true essence, action, reaction and feedback of the person within society?

With the above example which is universally in effect in all cases without exception, regardless of culture or socio-economic level, we demonstrate directly that a person, by his/her mere existence alone, has huge impact on his/her environment equaling the chain reaction of a nuclear explosion. Also, we demonstrated that this type of impact takes place whether we decide to act/react or whether we get scared and remain idle: in both occurrences we characterize ourselves and the matching responsibilities to that characterization is noted one way or the other.

What do we want to say with this?

We want to say and demonstrate the very simple but in the same time terribly threatening truth for several people that nobody, regardless and despite efforts to throw off responsibility, is relieved of responsibility but is answerable to it.

Why is this threatening?

Because from a very young age we are taught that responsibility is an axe hovering over the head of every person, ready to lop it off, and the intelligent thing to do in this society is to manage to push your own axe away so that it hovers over someone else’s head, regardless if that axe still remains yours. Therefore, to be told that this axe will not cease to hover over your head but will remain and possibly become even bigger is absolutely threatening.

Yes, but so many manage (from politicians, business people, royalty to parents, relatives and friends) to throw off their responsibilities and heap them on someone else, making others pay for them. How then, is it impossible to throw off responsibility?

Responsibilities are never thrown off and this can be proven in all occasions, but especially in the cases of leaders of all shapes and sizes, since everyone can clearly and directly demonstrate or reveal the culprit for many conditions from high price rate to migration status around the world, and since everyone agrees to phrases like ‘all politicians are dirty/ bought/ servants of big money’. So what is going on?

What is going on is that immediately after the very accurate estimation and ascription of responsibility, follows the rhetorical question ‘and what can one do?’ or some comment declaring inability/ weakness of the type ‘let’s not look at that/ one can’t do a thing/ a lost cause/ etc’.


Therefore, just like in the case of the parent who does not have his/her offspring as first priority, even if claiming he/she does, the politician and any other type of leader acts as a catalyst and demonstrates fully that the true alignment of the citizen is not towards personal and general improvement of daily life but on the contrary, towards the maximization of hardship and objectification of the fellow man, and therefore the citizen’s own self as well. Every single citizen, by the lack of actual reaction and control of the representatives who obviously do not assume responsibilities or keep their promises shows that this citizen consents and approves of the condition being enforced. This now is broadcasted even through the mass media and the statements of state representatives when they claim, and rightfully so in this case, that ‘the people approves/ consents/ orders/ wants the behavior they are displaying’

But how can you say that when all the world is in upheaval with strikes, demonstrations and ‘boycotts’?

Unfortunately, all of this is a smoke screen and an excuse so that all the world can feel they have done their duty and will not be asked to answer for or will not be blamed that in reality they are consenting to the subjugation that is happening, while in the same time will achieve nothing so that they and their neighbour (who is a measure of primary importance) will be subjugated and integrated in a status quo in which somehow, everyone has someone oppressing them and someone whom they oppress in their own turn (even if that someone is the homeless person on the street or the stray cat).

The strikes, marches, demonstrations and partial (not full and complete) boycotts consist the first part of a threat from the people to its representatives which threat, however, never (since 1970) actualizes. The strike or the demonstration has an effect when every single one of the strikers or members of the demonstration is fully prepared not to engage the police or SWAT team forces, but to see all the slogans on the pickets he/she is carrying come to pass. That is, when the picket says that ‘the social security reform will not pass’, it will have to be set in stone and when the representative/ politician call the bluff, it must be shown that it is not a bluff by completely ignoring the reform laws, including refusal to pay taxes and conform to anything the reform will attempt to enforce.

Every single protester must be prepared to do this even if he/she stands alone.

So, I will fight so that some millions of insured in the social security will benefit from me?

You will be fighting for your own self. The first and many times only one benefiting will be you and those you love. Only if you truly hate your own self will you not look to end the abuse taking place in your face just because there is chance for someone else to benefit as well (like the neighbour). Only if truly deep down you like to suffer and watch others suffer will you continue to consent to this situation.

Which situation could be stopped dead in 3 to 4 days if these thousands of protestants claiming to be determined to truly refuse to obey to an authority the power of which exists in the agreement of these same people to obey and suffer. Thousands of people refusing to pay a tax cannot be persecuted for it.

A simple and completely painless decision to have an entire city remain at home and not spend a single euro (or dollar or pound) for 24 hours is enough to arrest this whole apparent ‘rampant’ condition of augmenting prices of oil, food, services since, for the average merchant or business person it would constitute an arbitrary loss of a single day’s income but for the international corporations and great off short companies it would constitute loss of several millions of euro and a definite stop of their course.

This action alone from the several that exist is enough leverage to control the social situation and show to the political representatives that the only thing they truly are is servants with uncertain power and jurisdiction.

Historically the above has been proven to be fully successful and effective even with a less that full participation or even with a less than 50% of the population participating in completely totalitarian regimes.

And what when I am completely alone?

Then you are even stronger if you use other avenues meant for single units.

And which are those?

Although we are going to examine these with greater depth in the next article, I will mention one of the Basic Truths from which a very powerful method is derived:

Basic Truth number 4: “The state avoids the laws and therefore tries to maintain ignorance of the law in the citizens.”

The first thing you must do (not in general but only regarding to the particular case concerning you personally) is to be informed and read the four or five law and two or three legislations concerning your matter on any given time.

Attention: we must not read the laws and legislations with fear, seeking to see what we are forbidden to do, but with care and critical thought to see through which avenue we will succeed to defend or achieve what we want (fact which is applied broadly but sloppily by all of those embezzling and abusing. We simply are going to learn in the next article how we will do the same cleverly in order to retain our freedom, independence and well being).

Sunday, June 15, 2008


A great inhibitor which stops the full influence and power a person can have on his/her environment is the concept of ‘protector and avenger of the weak’. In every culture and mythology we can see such figures (e.g. Robin Hood, Zorro and others) which embody the nemesis and shield of an otherwise idle, incompetent and not particularly bright mass with limited usefulness.

And why is a figure or symbol bringing hope and relief to an oppressed people inhibitory?

In psychology a very important element affecting the prognosis of any incident of psychopathology or problem/crisis management in the person’s environment is what we call ‘locus of control’: that is, the concept of the control node, so to speak, of our self and our environment. If we are truly and soundly convinced that we do not have control over the things happening to us, our destiny and the potential effect we can have around, then we truly cannot resolve anything obstructing our daily ‘all’s well’. But if we are truly and soundly convinced that we have or can acquire control and influence on what is happening to us, our destiny and our environment, then we become powerful, actually individuals and elements of society who can ensure the ‘all’s well’ of daily like of ourselves and others.

The symbol or figure of Zorro and any type of Zorro steals exactly this element which makes a person a powerful fighter and successful defender of all who are important and valuable to him/her. With the concept of Zorro, people do not think how to correct themselves their problems but, at best, how to find someone else who will solve them for them while they stand idle or, at worst, how God abandoned them because He did not have a fighter drop from the sky to solve their problems and does not accept or even imagine that God has made them, themselves, fighters and defenders.

Even in the actual case of the myths of Zorro or Robin Hood, let’s imagine what would happen if those heroes, instead of acting as they saw fit and felt they could, they began brooding over how there is nobody to defend them…

But isn’t it smart or safe to sit at the sidelines and let someone else ‘pull the coals out of the fire’?

Of course the answer is no, but let’s explore the assumption. Is it truly safe to sit idle, passive or inert? What do I salvage is I do not take corrective action for my environment and my self?

In essence, I salvage nothing. What I do not want to happen to me happens easily and quickly and instead of making my own life easier, I make it easy for the ones who are making mine harder. That which I salvage is the illusion that I am not under siege and nobody is after me, exactly like the ostrich relieves itself psychologically by hiding its head and not seeing the predator coming for it. The ostrich convinces itself that it is safe. Of course, up until the first time the predator’s teeth sink in its flesh.
By the same logic, the citizen sits idle and passive, just nagging about the price rate, the bad foreign policy, the bad coordination, the embezzling and stealing of public funds and the great level of corruption while waiting for the one who will stop all that for him/her. But nobody comes, Zorro and Robin Hood exist only in books and movies and the citizen allows everything that is hurting him/her slowly but certainly kill him/her.

Yes, but if I try to take the coals out of the fire, I will be the imbecile who got burned for everyone else who is going to reap the gains from my efforts, if I succeed.

Primarily, the ‘coals’ in all the forms they may take never sit idly in the fire without bothering anyone. On the contrary, the coals burn continually and without limit everyone without exception, whether the people are trying to pull them out of the fire or not. In all facets of everyday life this occurs, but let us pick one which occupies everyone’s thoughts strongly: the tax revenue service.

The tax revenue service is a coal feared by many people. Since forever, since I was a little girl I was told stories by my father and my mother who were working in the tax revenue service and the public contribution / cashtill office (for the chemical/pharmaceutical and anonymous companies respectively) and which stories showed vividly how this ‘coal’ would protect the big capital-holding parties and mercilessly chased after everyone else. Everyone else trembled and with great fear lest they anger, intimidate, draw the attention of or oppose the ‘coal’ was trying to hide from it with great percentages of failure. Especially in the case where mercy, humanity or compassion was invoked by everyone else, the ‘coal’ was particularly hard and merciless, fact which pushed my father to put stoppers to it and managed to, for everyone who was not scared and followed his advice, right up to a few days before he was murdered.

So what do we conclude, therefore? That not pulling your own coals from the fire simply feeds them and brazen it out so that from a simple coal it becomes a flaming boulder. To resist and be fully prepared to pull the coal out of the fire makes the coal panic and react in a way making it even more vulnerable.

Yes, but your father who resisted the ‘coal’ got killed by it.

That is not entirely accurate. My father was indeed murdered by these ‘coals’ as we call them today, but this happened because he didn’t behave in general in the manner he acted in his area of expertise, tax and accounting economics. When we do decide to pull the coals out of the fire, we also decide to pull on the appropriate gloves and approach with the proper manner instead of offering a target when we do not need to. That means that every action we take must be calmly and coolly designed in the frame of strategy of the defensive/protective policy we are following. Also, we will have to be clearly aware that we are up against something sly and shameless which has very specific weapons and way of using them. We protect ourselves from these weapons with a few acts of common sense and prevention. From then on, the ‘coals’ are powerless and the only thing they will be able to do is show us all the ways we can extinguish them. That which my father did not do while he had been warned by me was avoid the dangerous moments of ‘thin ice’ allowing the ‘coals’ to be sly and do what they are afraid to do while hiding behind a smoke screen, like that day of November 17, 1973 was.

So what is the general conclusion of all of the above?

The general conclusion is that all of us have already experienced the worst and every day this ‘worst’ is worsening, leading with certainty to haunting scenarios which coincide with those of prisoners, hostages, serfs, concentration camp inmates or exiles in barren islands. This is unavoidable if we continue like this, that is waiting for someone else (liberator, anarchist, delegate, organization, philanthropist, personage, politician, king, appointed religious leader, state, international schemas, etc) to correct for us the wrongdoings and return to us the well being and the dignity that is being stolen from us daily. This ‘someone else’ will do it on the surface and for a reward/compensation he/she will ask for him/herself alone that very same amount or more of what was stolen. Historical examples of such ‘protectors’ of the People are numerous, such as Napoleon, Julius Caesar, George Washington, Lenin, Hitler, King Otto of Greece and all the ‘agents of freedom and/or change’ of Greek post-war and post-change-over.

Therefore it is much safer and much more definitely directed to daily well being and quality of life if we are decided each one of us on his/her own and regardless of organization/coordination/contribution by others/ ratification of our actions by the environment to resist and deny to concede to the egregious law-breaking, law-bending and abuse of every representative of the ‘coals’ so that we will be forcing the coals to pull themselves out of the fire.

Is this possible?

It is not only possible it is certain. Persistence and refusal to accept intimidatory moves and blackmail which in essence have no object (to be threatened to be made poorer when the blackmailer is already doing it to you with geometric speed is not intimidatory if you are aware that the blackmailer is already doing to you what he/she is threatening to do) make the adversary take to his/her heels, while protesting of course, because this adversary is impudent and cowardly and his/her unchanging policy is ‘shoot in the dark and hope it works’. The shot lands only when we become frightened and we get the target shot for the adversary on our own instead of showing to him/her that if he/she does not behave properly, he/she will be dismissed from the social group.

How can I do this alone without organization or support from my environment?

By keeping in mind the following Basic Truths:

The state is dirty and therefore is afraid of clarity.
The state is dirty but maintains a superficial semblance of clarity and modesty which it wants to keep at all costs, even with a threadbare excuse.
The state is afraid of its own citizens.
The state is afraid of its responsibilities.
The state avoids the laws and therefore tries to maintain ignorance of the law in the citizens.
The state threatens and manipulates, therefore just as we have previously displayed about those who want and seek the creation and maintenance of Free Bondsmen, it feels weak and incapable to face any actual opposition.

By applying the actions derived from the Basic Truths daily in our life and routine, something which we will analyze in extent with concrete directions in the next article, demonstrating how every citizen can easily police (that is, enforce proper functioning according to the principles of Human Rights, the Constitution and the derived laws) all the agents, representatives and functionaries he/she is funding in order to be served, as well as other citizens who are dysfunctioning.

Generally, what we must draw and realize today, letting it sink in and become part of our reality so that we will be able to move on further and become actually, not only potentially, forceful and powerful, is that the only police person who will truly do the job well and always for us is us, ourselves, alone. If we rest easy or trust that someone else will guard our back, someone who has given no proof or guarantee that he/she has ever done so (on the contrary he/she has shown greatly that he/she is doing the opposite), we will end up one way or the other like my father who, while a fighter, lowered his shield in the midst of battle, or like the anonymous deceased of the mass grave where they bury the subdued of the non-combatant population.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


When we refer to the concept of thievery and of thieves, we get the mental image of a burglar, a mugger and in general of simple criminal law-breakers alone.

If a burglar hits a house or a mugger robs people, the result is disastrous for them, not only from a financial aspect but also from a psychological one, with a strong impact which could be chronic if the victims do not seek adequate help in time. Those law-breakers, therefore, are rightfully persecuted and punished by the law on the occasion that there are sufficient conditions for their arrest. Unfortunately, far too many times they remain at large and unpunished, either because of inability of the police to locate them or because of other factors which make the police appear weak or inept when in reality it isn’t.

If now we use the logic of the babushka to explore the existence of the model of thievery, thieves and the police in relation to those on a wider level than the one of the individual, what shall we find?

We will find the exact same situation which holds for the thieves and burglars on the individual level on all the ranks and levels of social life and scale.

What do we mean by this?

The concept of thieving in all cases involves the violent removal or embezzlement of fortune, material or mental, which evidently belongs to another group or person than the one removing it. This occurs daily nearly everywhere:

1. In the public sector services:

The first thing which is stolen in any public sector service is the psychological calm of the civilian. This occurs because instead of respect towards the civilian and a conscious effort to satisfy him/her with adequate service, exactly like all employees do for their employer, the roles are reversed. The civilian acts as a bondservant and is afraid that he/she may make the public servant angry.

This happens because there is no policing on this particular area where thieving is taking place. On the contrary, this type of thieving is promoted, because there is no substantial capacity given to the civilian, that he/she is aware of and understands, so there will exist a possibility for the public servant committing the act of theft of psychological calm and sense of dignity to be fired or pay damages, as is the case often in the private sector businesses.

The second thing that is stolen from the civilian in a public sector service is the capacity to check and monitor public servants on how well or how correctly they perform their duties. The civilian must battle against the public servants he/she funds through taxes to have them perform administrative duties in order to receive information which he has an obligation and a right to know so that neither he/she nor the public servants will be against the law.

The third thing which is stolen from the citizen is property in various ways, from the enforcement of fines derived from the situation described above or by unlawful or improper actions and decisions, to the lack of reimbursement or the withholding of money in the case of an error on the part of the service and against the citizen.

The fourth thing which is stolen from the citizen is precious time which is squandered in delays, queues and collection of paperwork which is often pointless, and which time would normally be invested in the earning of money or rest or mental cultivation. This constitutes loss of income in all citizens for which they are never reimbursed.

2. in the mass media :

We are daily bombarded by messages through shows and advertisements which steal and embezzle self-confidence and worth, personal and ethnic pride, a sense of understanding and control as well as the sensation that we do have the capacity to control the environment in which we live.

Self-confidence and worth is stolen when through examples and arbitrary definitions of what is or can be liked, accepted, admired, successfully or normal. The advertisements project social and personal models which are either counterfactual/unreal or are in actuality completely harmful. They present these models as wanted, desired or demanded by peers so that the individual can exist substantially. Since these models cannot be achieved in the way that is presented or at all, the person loses his/her self-confidence and worth as being de facto a failure and a reject, regardless whether this is not actually true.

The shows steal self-worth not only of individuals but of entire social groups (such as women, parents, educators, athletes, police officers, doctors, children and others) as well as nations’ through stories or presentations and talks during which the social group under attack is depicted gratuitously and improperly as the basest in relation to an abstract counterpart, as uncultivated, uneducated, incorrigible, ridiculous, backward, fanatic and/or unethical. For example, Greek children are repeatedly presented as the most obese without proof that the research claiming this is methodologically and scientifically correct, if of course, it exists. This causes a sense of shame in the adults ethnically (since they are the children of Greece) and as parents (since their children have become ugly and unacceptable under their supervision: in this research obesity is presented as social stigma regardless the exhortations of ‘political correctness’ and ‘differentiation of individuals’ according to which it should not be presented as such). Also, obesity as a concept remains undefined just like the manner of the research of judging who is deemed obese and how it scientifically justifies this great generalization on an entire people.

In the same way, the sense of pride and power is stolen since it is taught on the level of brain wash by the mass media that the citizen is of low intelligence, incapable of critical thought and reasoning, nationalist, cruel, uncouth and self-serving and above all, weak and powerless.

3. on a governmental level:

From the Greeks but also any other citizen worldwide is stolen national property, individual property, cultural properly as well as all types of mental property and of course the energy demanded to acquire and maintain these properties and other achievements which are undermined and unsung.

Financial power has been robbed systematically since 1983 with the continuous depreciations and slides of the currency through which the buying capacity of the citizen has been arbitrarily lessened, fact which constitutes theft and embezzlement of the toil and power which fairly every person has earned. This phenomenon becomes more and more acute and the theft more and more gross with fabricated stock exchange crises, oil alerts and war threats on an international or local level. A bulge has occurred from the time of the installation of the euro through which was stolen more than 50% of the financial and buying power of the citizens (one of the sliest embezzlements with the contribution of the state, experts and the mass media through the stifling propaganda commanding civilians to accept the euro with the promise of future well-being, enrichment and safety through and by it). It continues with inflation and raising of the prices on a level not just of thieving but of piracy.

National property in the form of public enterprises, social security but also land and subsoil is embezzled and stolen silently and behind the scenes through the entering of public enterprises in the stock exchange or their denationalization, the merging of social security categories resulting in the stealing of their funds as well as the selling out of land and subsoil to business people (in the form of ports, roads, mines, natural reserves, airports, etc).

Cultural and historical property is lost with the arbitrary twisting of history against historical and anthropological proof as well as in the official or unofficial back-stepping or accepting claims of other ethnic groups which are unfounded, as well as in the enforcement of culture which has no ethnic identity beyond the tag ‘globalization’. This is highly harmful for all peoples without exception because it steals safety valves for the survival and development of every people. These had developed and evolved on the basis of the socio-political and geological conditions of the area of each nation, not only for survival and development but also for ensuring of cohesion in a frame of logic and sense of control in which the citizen could evolve and develop as mentioned (and as is historically proven by all the liberal movements which independently arose in all nations repeatedly over time), fact which is now rendered impossible since every citizen feels alien and alienated in his/her own land.

If we go to an even greater babushka we will see that exactly the same holds for the international level as far as theft and embezzlement taking place against the people and individuals is concerned.

Isn’t there any policing? At all?

Theoretically, policing exists but of course is not applied in its proper form (that is to prevent or persecute the thieves in order to protect the rightful owners) but in reverse, just as we described is the case of the public servant and the citizen: the peoples and the citizens are threatened and misinformed about the capacities of monitoring which they possess and the thieves are protected. But this can’t continue and the criminal activity is visibly curbed when the rightful owner (the citizen or the people) decide not to be threatened and to use the power they possess at any moment, which slyly and on purpose is wrongfully channeled into demonstrations or violent behavior.

But how can I have any impact if I don’t demonstrate or I don’t become armed and violent?

That is exactly what we will explore and answer in the next article.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Acid Test

Today is the Sunday of the Vaia and the beginning of the Holy (Great) Week for Orthodox Christiandom. We are right to call this week Great because through the facts we commemorate during it we are taught principles and ways of interpretation of the environment’s stimuli which are of a vital importance for every individual who wants to be not a Free Bondsman but a Free Individual with intact logic and perspicacity.

How do we learn all this?

The events through which Christ is led to the crucifixion, that is the capital punishment of that era, is a documentation of the effort of all those who seek the subjusgation of the people through the terror and silencing, utilizing the state mechanisms and a small percentage of people who, having been bought, operate underhandedly as the so-called ‘opinion leaders’. Such are, in the lowest level, the ‘claque’ in an audience which has been put there strategically so that it will push the particular audience to approve or disapprove of something specific through the principles of the psychology of the masses.

It is exactly what was used for the ‘trial’ of Christ on both levels, of the clergy and of the Romans.

A bought off agent gives an arbitrary hold for the arrest: Jesus was teaching in public and therefore his likeness was known to his enemies. The fact that Judah was needed to pinpoint him suggest that some ‘consent’ was necessary by the followers of the movement Christ had already founded and, additionally, that for his arrest were used in the picket men who hadn’t the fainted idea who Christ was and what he taught/advocated- therefore, they needed to be shown exactly who he was.

That is to say, the forces/agents who want and seek to achieve something highly harmful and criminal for the general social group and humanity will attempt to do it using bought off individuals who are leading a mass. This mass is not properly informed of the issue/occasion nor is it given any further information than a propaganda-oriented presentation of the facts and through a distorted lens: in this way, this mass does these harmful and criminal things without being aware that it is doing it and having the impression that it is doing something right. A contemporary example of Greek reality illustrating the above is the Maastricht Treaty and also the tumultuous approval of the replacement of the drachma currency with the euro.

This conscientiously cultivated ignorance of course condemns the ones who promote it just as it condemned in the eyes of the people the Pharisees and Scribes but also the mob who without much deliberation accepted and took upon itself the responsibility of the blood of Christ “his blood on us and on our children” (Matthew, 25: 25-26). And they were rightly so condemned because every person who does not want to be a Free Bondsman and does not want the excuse of ‘that’s what I was told/ I was following orders/ I didn’t know/ I wasn’t responsible for this/ that was the age/ this is what we were pushed to do/ that’s what everyone did/ I’d be isolated’ in order to commit crimes with impunity HAS THE OBLIGATION NOT TO AGREE TO AND NOT TO DO ANYTHING BEFORE HAVING RECEIVED FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE CONDITION AND NATURE OF THE ISSUE AS WELL AS THE CONSEQUENCES FOLLOWING ACTION.

What, then, are we taught from the arrest and trial of Jesus?

1. Propaganda is always an effort for manipulation in order to implicate and cheat a citizen into conceding and condoning something which the propaganda manufacturers fear or are certain the citizen would reject without the propaganda.

2. Traitors who present themselves as part of the group they are attempting to manipulate or destroy always do so while shouting out loud their intention to be protectors/ fighters/ warriors/ allies of the particular group. The worse their attempt the prettier the words, without, though, supporting them with actions, exactly as the Zealot Judah (who, as a Zealot, theoretically supported the interests of the Jewish Nation) who with a kiss (one of the highest symbolism of friendship and allegiance for the time and culture) commited treason and condoned the execution of an Innocent who could not only have lifted pain and torture from all the human race but also even on a National level he would have had a much better chance to free Judea from the Romans than anyo9ne else (as history teaches us with Gandhi’s example as well as Martin Luther King’s movement). With that kiss, Judah mortgaged the future of all of his people as a state, as it was proven later when the avenues Jidah and the Pharisees claimed were the correct and certain ones.

This lesson, the first we are taught by the Great Week is unfortunately still current since it has not been absorbed by the people. Let’s sum it up and then, you answer in your mind the questions I will pose and make your choices:

1. One should never follow propaganda or advertising which combines elements of terror, fear, fanatics, social clichés and admonitions with a lack of arguments (the enforcement of cooperation to something due to fear of isolations, alienation, criticism or ‘outcry’ by peers or the advocating of maintaining the same illing course because of a series of errors in the past do NOT constitute an argument) which can objectively and NOT THROUGH ASSOCIATION/CONDITIONING prove that the action in question is constructive.

2. One must not consider the main hubs of the spread of propaganda as anything else than a documentation of the goals of the enemies of the people and humanity as well as a list of traitors who are trying effusively to promote this destructive propaganda ( simply recall the huge advertising campaign and the propaganda through the news about how good the euro would be for Greece as well as the ridiculizing/ hostility/ disdain towards the ones who were objecting- and look now at the same people audaciously yet properly accuse the euro they exulted as part of the reason for the financial degradation of the Greeks aside the petrol prices).

3. We demand for objective information before we decide to act on anything else or we deny to do what we are being forced and pressured to do without being interested in disaster-heralding or the type ‘we don’t have the time/ the more we dilly dally the more we grow worse/ we will loose a singular opportunity’ .

And let’s pose some questions as food for thought which is demanded anyway suring these so important days:

1. Who benefits from the rapid to the point of ‘coverup’ voting of the social security legislation? How much and how certain are you for the objectivity of what is contained in this legislation?

2. Who benefited from the fires which ravaged our country? What social class was irrevocably harmed as far as its independence and property is concerned since its land, herds and houses were burned now? What social class was benefited by promoting itself as philanthropic? How objectively and how certain are you that you know the status of those areas NOW? How ready are you to pass judgment properly without fearing you may be crucifying someone you do not know and hailing a Barrabas you don’t know?

3. Who benefits from a rapid solution through compromise of the issue of the state of Skopje at this time? How much and how certain, with what objective evidence and facts do you know what is at stake and what is sought for by the propaganda manufacturers of the news and tv shows as well as the politicians of all the spectrum? How ready are you to voice your opinion without the fear that you will be crucifying someone you do not know and hail a Barrabas you do not know?

According to the law everyone alludes to, no act by an adult is void of responsibility, no contract, especially bank ones, loses its power if you haven’t read the fine print and silence or a lack of positioning means by default acceptance of the situation being enforced.

According, therefore, to the law of this society no adult can with any excuse save the one of intellectual impairment waive his/her responsibilities through hiding behind the impersonal and covert existence.

There remains, therefore, to answer to yourself what responsibilities you want to take on and for what actions: the responsibilities of the ‘madmen’ who are heard in the Epitaph Lament and will have to answer for the heel they raised against the Benefactor or the responsibilities of those who differentiated themselves with their position and opposed themselves to it?

I present below the relevant passage of the Epitaph Lament and invite you to enjoy it while you deliberate your answers:

1. All the generations exult your Epitaph, and give offering, my Christ
2. Taking you from the cross, the one of Arimathea, in a tomb he inters you.
3. Those who were fed by manna, raised the heel against the Benefactor.
4. O of the insanity and the murder of the Christ, of the Prophets!
5. Like the insane servant, the Disciple betrayed the depth of wisdom.
6. Having given up the Healer, he became a slave, the underhanded Judah.
7. O my sweet Spring, my sweetest Son, where has your beauty set?
8. Son of God Almighty, my God and creator how can I look upon and accept this Passion?
9. O my God the Triad, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, give mercy upon the world.
10. Look upon your Son’s Resurrection, Virgin, and make your servants worthy.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

For the Anniversary of March 25th, 1821

With the opportunity of the anniversary of our nation’s liberation through the declaration of the revolution of 1821, act which is the climax of a continuous effort by the Greeks, through the centuries of Turkish occupation, to reclaim a right which had violently been taken from them by Westerners (Veneti, Franks, etc) first and then by the Ottoman Turks, we will celebrate this testament of blood on a national level by detecting it on the personal level according to the example with the babushkas.

The Revolution of 1821 was not a sudden event but the successful attempt after at least two more (1611: the movement in Epirus by Dionysius, Eparch of Larissa who was named by the pro-Turkish and the kontzabasides [Greek origin supervisors approved by the Turks to oversee Greek areas] called him Skylosophos – dog philosopher , 1769: the revolutionary movement of Theodore Orlov , 1790-1792: the revolutionary movement of Lambros Katsonis and Androutsos) which were bathed in blood but from which the Greeks learned what not to do and what to do in order to be successful next time.

We must not forget that the war for the independence of the Hellenic Nation started off completely unsupported, not only by other states, but also by the very units of governance/ administration presenting themselves as Greek but, as we have demonstrated in past articles were not truly members of the Greek group. We are referring to the various officials (Phanariotes [Rich and prominent Greek origin families living in Phanar of Constantinople], Dragoumans [translators for the Sultan and ministers of foreign policy for the Turks], elders, prefects, kontzabasides, kapoi/armatoloi [policing officials of Greek origin appointed by the Turks]) who evidently put as first priority their personal economic gain and the acquisition of power and not the interests of the social group they were supposed to represent (simple examples to illustrate the truth: the fierce war since the end of the 18th century and up to 1821 that was waged by the Patriarchate, the Phanariotes, the kontzabasides and their representatives, trying to enforce menticide and stifle any form or expression of the Greek Enlightenment using slander, libel, abuse, threats, circulars, suppressive measures, terrorism, persecution of the intellectual and spiritual leaders of the Hellenic Nation even to the point of executing them and shutting down schools and universities).

Additionally, we must mention that the revolution sprung up from the Greek people, both inside and outside the borders, fact which can be ascertained by the first sources of its funding [it was funded by the Greeks of the communities abroad who had a great interest in the intellectual and cultural development of the villages/towns they originated from and who repeatedly sent money to build educational institutions there (The School of Karpenisi, the ‘Museum of Agrafa’ School, schools in Ioannina, in Zagora of mt. Pilio and elsewhere became small academies where the new liberal ideas circulated and disseminated, as well as the political speeches which had been delivered by the revolutionary France of 1789-1792) to pay the teachers, to build libraries and to send several books for the education of their fellow countrymen] and its armament.

Efforts to quench the Revolution of 1821 (Excommunication by the Patriarch, May 7th 1821: the razing to the ground of the villages of Pilio by the Pasha of Larissa Machmut Dramalis in retaliation of the declaration of the revolution in Pilio by Anthimos Gazis; June 7th 1821: the battle of Dragatsani and the decimation of the ‘Sacred Band’, a battalion founded by Alexandros Ypsilantes, massacres in Serres, Chalkidiki and elsewhere; April 20th 1821: the battle of the Alamana bridge of Sperchios River, near the pass of Thermopylae, where while wounded Athanasios Diakos fought and was captured and was transported covered in blood to Lamia to be tortured) were made once more but the organization through the experience of trial and error did not allow the revolution to be quenched but instead each betrayal and atrocity gave more reasons for its strengthening.

When, therefore, it became obvious that the Revolution was not possible to be quenched and not only that, but that the Nation that gave rise to it had began immediately and effectively to create and staff on the basis of meritocracy administrative state positions (summoning of the Parliament of Thettalomagnisia, surrender of Tripole and its monetary and other treasures, etc) setting the bases for a state truly from the people by the people, the established governing class moved on to plan B: pandering (May 26th 1821: ‘Act of Kaltetzon’, September 4th 1821: ‘convention of Western Greek Peninsula’ and ‘convention of Eastern Greek Peninsula’, January 1st 1822: lecture on the subject of the independence of the Greek Nation by the First National Council in Piada, next to the Ancient Epidavros, and voting of the ‘Consolidating Law’, March 1823: Second National Council in Astros)

This class which serves, caters to and is only after the money and power of rule regardless of colour, ideology, origin, nationality, etc, began making steps of support towards the cause, giving (always insufficient) sources of funding, armament, connections and army directing.

But in the same time it undermined the cause by giving to the people ‘benefits’ incompatible with the Nation and its people as well as the people’s way of thinking, undercutting in this manner a fight for independence which had been wreathed in laurels when it didn’t have ‘help’ from agents of abroad who a little while ago supported and had excellent socioeconomic relationships with the enemy the Greeks were facing and subjugating from the moment of its birth with loans and dependencies (‘Deed of Sold Greece’ : the report to the English government signed by the prefects and marshals with which the British protection, as well as the dispensation of loans from England to embattled Greece within the framework of George Canning for the creation of British protectorates in the Mediterranean) which were not used but squandered by themselves for their own personal establishment in the new schema which Greeks had enforced by their blood in the first years of the revolution.

How can we transfer this inhumane and undermining attack and combating which happened and is happening on an international and national level at the personal level of the citizen’s everyday life (not just the Greek citizen but any conscientious citizen who truly represents his/her Nation and state as we have described before)?

As we have said in the example with the babushkas, exactly the same forces and powers of interpersonal relationships but also manipulation permeate all the levels of human existence from the personal to the international. Let us therefore see the complete example of an existing person commemorated in history the identity of whom we will reveal in the end of this article so that we will be given the opportunity to realize that several aspects of his life are common with all of Greek citizens who truly represent the group they officially belong to.

Born in the early 20th century within social upheavals which tore his family apart and forced him to migrate so that he would be able to survive, this man was raised under very strenuous circumstances in terms of family environment: irrevocably hurt by the violent circumstances which led to his being uprooted but also to the death of his wife, the living father of this man did try to offer this man family support and stability in the new land. However, he broke down because all his efforts were thwarted and undermined by the theoretically support forces of the state but also his social circle from the closer to the wider (meaning, neighbours, relatives, benefit agents of the state to immigrants). Very soon this man, after he had grown up in underprivileged conditions, decided that if he truly wanted to go forward and improve he would have to rely on his own self and not allow any other person to determine what his position in society would be, which position was at the time just like the one of the Greeks at the eve of the Revolution of 1821: financially dire circumstances, outrageous demands to his person by people who claimed to be family but were deeply undermining, and an active combating of this man in all his efforts to gain an education and escape poverty.

This man, after he decided to rely on himself he declared himself head of his family, took upon himself its financial and administrative reins and plotted down a strategic plan for the improvement of his situation but also of all those willing to follow him and especially of those who were weak, namely children.

In the course of his life this man was accosted ideologically by many forces which, seeing his impetus and the potential he had in setting the proper example to his environment about what is feasible in society, considered him a dangerous element requiring integration and manipulation, exactly in the same manner Greeks demonstrated with the Revolution of 1821 and before it what was feasible despite the flaunting of power by those who seek to enforce social, personal and historical subjugation.

Through the process of trial and error this man saw through the attempt for manipulation and control both in the case of war as well as in the case of peace.

Especially in the case of peace he saw how much he was combated with weapons such as bureaucracy, minister’s decrees, jobbery, socially destructive ‘reforms’ which despite his efforts from the central positions he held (as civil servant in the Greek IRS where he had studied all stipulations in order to use them to protect the citizen personally as well as the social group in general) everything he built was torn down with a despotic and completely unsolicited signing by ‘authorities’ which were staffed by exactly the same people and families serving the enemy and themselves before 1821.

Having realized as much this man decided to abandon the usual ideological ways and follow the most dangerous and least used way of peace and freedom which of course leads to the liberation of Free Bondsmen in a personal but also later social revolution of the same scope as the one of 1821.

Using the scientific method he cultivated this way but just as the Hellenic Nation, he trusted that his so-called familial circle would support and cover for him and he didn’t check with the way we have described in previous articles whether the apparent family group was also actual. Therefore he didn’t calculate correctly and he trusted wrongly and consequently all his work and struggle was undermined exactly as the independence of the Nation was undermined and is being undermined even now.

This prolonged undermining led to him being murdered and his murder be covered up in such a way that the circumstances of his death remain a mystery with continual to this date threadbare ‘official’ explanations by the state which imply the level and scope of those who benefited from his death and the arresting of his activities, just like it is obvious who benefit from the mismanagement and the social but also often actual execution of entire peoples, but only if we ask the correct questions we listed in previous articles and then have the stamina to answer them objectively.

To this profile of a positive person and fighter in the covert war being waged on the individual during peace fits everyone who wishes for freedom of the body, the mind and the spirit without the hypocrisy, waylaying and oppressive compromise/subjugation which characterizes Free Bondsmen.

This existing person is named George Alexiou Geritsidis, worked as an IRS servant in the public sector protecting from financial bankruptcy several citizens and limiting the illicit activity of other agents, was decorated during a war he hated (and called his medal which was thrown in the deepest part of the occasional closet or drawer ‘tin’) and supported from the background and through ideological teaching the movement for Peace which was represented brilliantly by Gregory Lambrakis and was murdered while serving as an IRS inspector in the division for chemical – related companies on November 17th 1973. To this day his murder is mentioned annually among the victims of the Polytechnic (the 1973 Rise against the Junta) and with regard to his work as a civil servant he is commemorated as ‘fallen in the line of duty and because of it.’

The reason this man was selected (among the several unsung Greeks who could just as easily be commemorated) as a representative example for our anniversary of the declaration of independence of the Hellenic Nation is because we will use him again as actual model for the declaration for which we are beginning today, on March 25th 2008, preparing with the correct knowledge of what has taken place but also correct knowledge of ourselves and our environment so that we become able to support and guard for it:

When George Geritsidis received his first paycheck for the first time (as an employee in the salt pans of Xanthi) and returned home, his father who was alive (who as we mention was broken down and had proven that he could not face the responsibilities and tasks of the role of head of family) was standing at the door and asked reaching out with his hand with an authoritarian move that he hand over his salary. George Geritsidis gave him an amount for pocket money and told him that the time had come for him to step down and relinquish his position as head of family to George, including of course management of the financial income which George himself was procuring- a role he served and responsibilities he met brilliantly during the course of his life, pushing upwards in the social ladder all the members of both his nuclear as well as extended family so they led a decent and respectable life.
Following therefore his example, on a national scale (and for sure on a global one), the time has come for the oppressed Hellenic People (and all other Peoples no matter their name) to declare its coming of age, fact which means that the People don’t need guardians and managers of their resources which they are procuring (all the more so since from 1821 to 2008 it has been proven with p<0.001>statistical significance that the guardians and managers of this level and to that scope are completely incompetent, useless and abusive and therefore obsolete and downrated in the roles and positions they claim and possess, as they are responsible for the conscious and sought for interception of the ‘coming of age’ of the dependent peoples, the heritage, fortune and toil they manage, pander and squander) and for the Greek citizen him/herself to take over (just like the citizen of all Nations around the globe) the reconstruction and tiding up of his/her house which he/she is obligated to claim, demarcate, develop and actualize so that he/she ensures to him/herself as well as the future generations, the future beneficiaries of this house, the life he/she is truly entitled to provide for him/herself as a human being and the future generations are entitled as human beings to have.