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The Source of Social Illness

During the whole of the so called modern society (i.e. society where there is high organization, specialization and compartmentalization of roles, and general alignment towards consumerism and high administrative organization) which is encountered in most contemporary states, especially the ones of Western philosophy and those who adopt it, there has been noted an escalating social illness which in our days is in an outbreak.

Before we go further, as in any scientific analysis, we are obligated to define our terminology so that we all understand and are certain what we are referring to:

With the term social illness we mean the social condition in which out of all the social groups within a society only one or two prosper, typically in a minority/ minute percentage of the whole, amassing a huge surplus of energy and money while the crushing majority of that society subsists or even expires due to assorted hardships on a material and psychological level.

With the term outbreak we mean the direct and speedy exacerbation of social illness to the point that social development is fully suspended.

With the term social development we mean the progressive course of all the groups in a society so that the average level of living, education, free time, medical care and freedom is systematically improved both in quantity and in quality. The product of social development is always the enrichment of philosophy, culture and additional pathways for the evolution of Humans from the basic, lower levels of existence to the higher ones which go beyond consumerism, materialism and the ascription of high social standing to objects.

Whenever there is social illness, social development is reduced depending on the level of infection/ affliction of society. In cases of outbreak, we have the suspension of social development and very often backtracking. Sociologically, modern society begins with the organization of politics and production in more or less the guidelines existing today. This, depending on the region, can be places since the 18th century and onwards at least. Since then and until today there has been noted periodically great social development (enlightenments, philosophical movements, existential theories, psychological and sociological programs, political and cultural movements, etc) which is abruptly stopped or even cancelled out from outbreaks of social illness (such as the industrial revolution and the social illness it incurred, the creation of economic science, the creation of checking mechanisms using blackmail or torture, the creation of mechanisms of categorization on a mass level, etc).

Many times we see tangible proof of this backsliding when we ‘re-discover’ situation, theories, philosophies, solutions and scientific methodologies/ answers which had already been discovered in earlier eras and due to social illness had been eradicated to a great level, forcing society to re-research and re-conquer that which society already was aware of before the outbreak (e.g. the concept of syndicalism and social equality were re-discovered many times during the course of history since antiquity until now, with such examples as the slaves’ syndicalism with Spartacus at the helm, the medieval craft unions in Europe, the syndicalism of the slaves in the USA, the syndicalism of women primarily with the suffragettes and afterwards with the feminists, etc). This means that due to the social illness from which society does not seem to ever be rid, society is forced to stagnate, battling for the same issue constantly and never securing it, in a form of ‘one step forward, two steps back’.

So, what is the source of social illness and why doesn’t it seem to be ever cured, just periodically go in remission?

Following the logic of the babushkas we have been in these articles, society is nothing more than the sum of the influences and actions of the people comprising it. An illness is because of either environmental factors causing the affliction, or to internal factors bringing about the same. If the factors were environments then with the change in the environment the illness should be eradicated or be differentiated.

In the case of society we can say with assurance that the factors are not environmental because in all the historical periods we have exactly the same symptoms with exactly the same behavior of society (i.e., the stagnation forcing society to oscillate and not develop). In another of our articles we will mention and analyze the truth of the matter for every historic period even before the sociological boundaries of the existence of modernity.

That means that the source of social illness, since it is not environmental, is internal. Therefore, just like in every organism, a part of society causes toxicity suspending the healthy development as we have mentioned above. Most philosophical and political/ sociological theories agree on this point and differentiate on the social group within society they hold responsible for this condition.

In essence, all theories built in the proper scientific methodology have grasped part of the truth and therefore are not wrong (from fundamentalism to Marxism to person-centered liberal social theories). But if we try to pick one as the only truth and reject all the rest it is certain that we will err and fail. Since all the theories are not wrong but non is by itself able to correctly justify everything, in order to be able to reach the answer we are looking for (i.e. the reason for social illness) we must take them all into account in order to compose the complex, multifaceted image of society, as multifaceted as humans themselves.

Each of the theories incriminates a different social class/ social group/ social phenomenon. That means not that one is wrong but that the incriminating element exists in all of society, that is in all the social classes and groups. If this is correct, which facts indicate it is since historically we see the same symptoms in all social groups even if they are isolated within society, then we will have to look for the source of social illness not in society’s organization but in its members.

The members of society are of course people, and we will see here how the smallest babushka is the one responsible for and affecting the biggest one, either positively or negatively. When we say smallest babushka we mean each individual wherever he/she is regarding social class, and when we say the biggest babushka we mean all of society which we have been analyzing up to now. That is, smallest babushka is the homeless person, the doctor living in suburb so-and-so, the ship owner owning an island and the emperor owning palaces in different conquered cities besides his/her basic one. A big babushka is the social group of all the homeless, all the doctors, all the ship owners and all the emperors/kings. It is a big babushka (bigger than the smallest) because all the ship owners together impose (theoretically) on one ship owner a way of life and a way of using/ handling his/her resources. That holds for all the individuals without exception, and that is why even the most ‘powerful’ man is a another smallest babushka which can at any moment be swept away by the immediate bigger social group it belongs to. (e.g. the Austro-Hungarian empress Elizabeth and her son Rudolf before her were murdered with the support of their social group, which was the nobility and other kids, because they were following a more liberal policy than what their social group wanted. The same happened with king Alexander of Greece who was murdered for the same reasons of going against his social group which was comprised by the high profile politicians/ plutocrats of the era and with the last nuclear czar family of Russia Romanov which broke several taboos and threatened with a tendency towards liberalism which was stifled by the rest of the members of this social group, such as the wider Romanov family and other nobles)

What can we therefore conclude based on the above regarding social illness and its source?

That which we can conclude since there are the same symptoms of imposition and persecution in all without exception the social groups in between their individuals, the social illness is not because of something nameless but because of a very specific type of person who acts in the same way regardless if he/she is very rich or a beggar.

Which are the parameters characterizing immediately the individual whose behavior maintains and aggravates the social illness?

It is important to understand that these people are not defective by birth or genetically different than the rest. They are individuals who have been schooled or are being schooled as we have described in previous articles: to seek the creation of Free Bondsmen because they have been saturated with the conviction that they are completely incompetent and weak and can’t survive on their own force, skills, intelligence, status and value and therefore they must convince all the rest of being inferior. If they manage that, the people responsible for the social illness feel that the actually strong and valuable will be blind/ weak because of insecurity and they will prefer to maintain the individuals-carriers of the illness instead of expelling them. We have described the entire exact procedure and motive behind it in our initial articles regarding Free Bondsmen and up to the article on the Shadow Puppet Theatre.

In essence, no matter which social system/ regime we try to apply, it will fail to eradicate the social illness if there are no defense mechanisms isolating and marginalizing these individuals-carriers of the illness with an end of expelling them. That would happen because in all the social systems/ regimes these individuals-carriers of the illness would try at all costs to twist the social rules in each system/regime so that they would impose the exact same condition: their maintenance and demand of their being worshipped/ satisfied in their insatiable demands by the rest of the social group. (This is very evident in all the social systems from kingship to communism where in record time the basic condition was crystallized into having a tiny group oppressing financially and politically/existentially the huge group of the rest of the people, simply changing the terminology and rank titles from system to system).

This behavior by these individuals is possible to change if we catch them in time and reverse the upbringing which has been done. These individuals are everywhere and serve as defense mechanism and resistance to the interest of the most obvious social criminals such as e.g. a dictator, a feudal lord or a big capital holder / owner of a multinational corporation. They are the individuals who will support the illing condition when all the rest are fighting to reverse it. That is why these individuals are highly dangerous and must be identified and kept at bay at all times or subject them to treatment (if they so wish it), because they are highly contagious and subversive with regard to social health (which includes family health, professional health as well as personal health). These individuals have some general/ universal behavioral patterns which we can keep in mind so we can diagnose them accurately, regardless of their education, cultivation, age and status:

1. these individuals find it fun or funny to deliberately humiliate the other person.
2. these individuals take pleasure in embarrassing the other person.
3. these individuals only act out behaviors 1 & 2 when they are certain the target is weaker than them or have guarantee that the target, though stronger than them, will not go against them/ react.
4. these individuals are indifferent to or take pleasure in/ get satisfaction in/ feel safe when/ they witness pain/ distress/ suffering/ psychololgical violence that either they cause or a third party does (animal, human, social group).
5. these individuals cannot ever allow third parties not to include them in situations/ acts/ successes/ profits/ gain despite the fact they are not entitled to it.
6. these individuals do not ever produce work unless they are rewarded with multiples of the worth of what work they produced and which often has been embezzled/ gotten from third parties.
7. these individuals never help, even when they are paid to give this help except when they are made to do it and even then they do the absolute minimum.
8. these individuals have no problem/ moral boundary and they are willing to do anything provided they are guaranteed immunity and secrecy.
9. these individuals systematically and at every moment they can to daily belittle and demean everyone around them with direct and indirect ways, from the indirect accusation that everyone around them is dumb and/or weak/ugly/ unwanted/ useless up to the official ‘diagnosis’ condemning people to the above categories if these individuals are ‘scientists’ or ‘professionals’ or ‘politicians’.
10. In order to impose themselves, these individuals gather around them an assortment of followers and bodyguards of all shapes and sizes, gather as many status symbols as they can and which matter to their own social group and/or all of the social groups, and demean everything that matches and which others have, camouflaging their own lack of worth/ skill/ power/ intelligence behind this parapet of jewelry, cars, houses/ property, a crowd of subordinates, servants and followers.

These individuals displaying the above symptoms are high risk for our selves, and our family members who are not displaying these symptoms and consequently for the social illness which causes all these phenomena of decay, from social crisis to assorted wars.

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