Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Economics

It is on the average known that the ancient Greeks, who first conceived the organization and logic of the democratic regime, considered a second class citizen the one they called ‘idiotis’ (ιδιώτης): i.e. the citizen who left the handling of state affairs to the people holding public positions and who would not occupy himself with anything but private matters. Many also suggest that this concept of ‘idiotis’ expanded to mean a kind of silly/obtuse person, and from there the word ‘idiot’ in English was created.

Where the ancient Greeks right to believe this for a home maker who busied himself with his own affairs and ‘did not meddle’?

Of course they were right. This man who was not taking the time to check on and ensure that every aspect of the administration of the state was going well, and all the actions taken were to the interest and not the exploitation of the Demos/People did not comprehend the very simple fact that his own private affairs would be negatively influenced since he would have left to their own fate the public ones, such as organization/taxation of the Demos and the foreign policy with other Demoi.

This person already was and is in every Democracy a liability and inhibition, as well as the back door through which all the elements causing corruption, corrosion, impoverishment and personal decline financially enter.

Yes, but for this reason I elect representatives who will defend my interests and those of my Demos/State so that I can see to my own affairs and not occupy myself with other things.

Anyone who has ever hired household help to clean and generally maintain the house, leaves his/her home leaving the help inside without supervision, and upon return finds out that the household help stole the mistress’ jewelry, the cash and stocks of the master and all the electronic appliances of the children, instead of receiving sympathy from the neighbours for what befell him/her, he/she will probably be asked the rhetorical question ‘and where were you to supervise?’, accompanied with smirking behind his/her back.

That is to say, any employee we hire to help out requires close and continuous supervision as well as guidance and surveillance. Otherwise, it is mathematically certain that the employee will inadvertedly oversee, neglect or badly fulfill his/her duties and in the worst case, the employee will embezzle, abuse and even steal all of the business from his/her rightful employer.

Therefore, given that we choose the representatives who are going to serve the work of maintaining and improving the state which equals to maintaining and improving the quality of life of all without exception citizens comprising it (minister = ypourgos in greek, which means one who assumes the duty, and Democracy = demos + krato, which means that the People has the Power of State), we are obliged and we need to supervise and check that all works correctly and towards our interests so that we won’t become victims of embezzlement and theft of our power, fortunes and lives.

Yes, but how can I know how to check upon all these people who have special knowledge and experience in politics and I will probably mess it all up?

If it were true that to run a state, internally and externally, special knowledge is required which you need to study, then a regime based on the People would never be able to yield results or even have a specific shape and targets. That is to say, in order to run a state you need common logic, assertiveness, specific targets and simplicity in the methods employed to achieve these targets. The ancients whom we so admire for the creation and work of democracy, only demanded one thing as requirement from the citizen in order to consider him able to lead the state and in general to have valid opinion: age. They demanded, that is, from the individual to have lived enough so that experience is amassed from which consists the knowledge of life (to have worked, to have faced business and financial matters and to have acquired the views needed to avoid dangerous conditions that he has in the past faced).

So, each citizen who has managed to maintain a household through all the hardships of every day life is fully equipped with all the knowledge required to be able successfully tidy up any state and maintain it. If, in addition to that, he/she has managed to raise back up on his/her feet after disasters of all kinds, financial dead ends and unforeseen events within and outside his/her family, then this person is a highly qualified person for the position of leader of the state and should be in high demand just like one who has a Ph.D. from Harvard.

Ok, what about the ones leading/ruling now? Don’t they fulfill these requirements?

No, they don’t. People like K. Karamanlis, G. Papandreou (and his father and grandfather), K. Simitis, K. Mitsotakis and his family do not fulfill these requirements as they are products of dynasties sustained and destining their offspring to ‘rule’ and not to work, exactly like the dynasties of kings and the aristocratic classes of Dukes and Princes in any totalitarian regime.

If we analyze the CVs of all these people, we will see that any work they mention is short lived and hard to check whether the position they held (in universities, in committees, multinational corporations, banks, etc) was acquired thanks to their skills and abilities and not thanks to their names, as these positions are not open equally to everyone as skilled but ‘anonymous’ professionals, and all of the positions are positions of status (either towards students or towards other employees being managed).

This sort of work does not prove survival potential of these individuals within modern society if deprived of their ‘safety net’ of their surname. It also does not even prove their capacity to use the occasional skills they have since they are not actually left with the responsibility of the enterprise in which they worked, so that we can check and see if they’d cause it to go bankrupt or not.

On the contrary, they have beyond doubt shown that even economics specialists have failed to balance the state’s income and expenses, something that women holding the household, with an education level of the first grade only and far direr conditions faced, have been successfully doing for decades.

And what can we do since everyone is inept and from abroad we are suffering even harder financial crises?

When no household help can clean our house, we do not keep paying the inept help. We clean our own house on our own and we do not pay. If, in addition, the inept help has broken or otherwise destroyed property, then we oblige the help to reimburse us before we let him/her go.

The same holds for the cases of the people manning the state machine. All of them have assumed specific obligations, accepting the rules of the enterprise which the state is, and are not only under contract but also under oath to serve and uphold the rules and their employers (the People). Since facts show that they have not done that which they committed to claiming they have the capacity and skill to do it, they are oath breakers and highly unsuitable for the job and so they should reimburse the People who entrusted them because they cheated (i.e. they committed the crime of fraud), materially and morally and afterwards they should withdraw for ever and familially from Public Life.

And what will happen to us without representatives? Who will help and save us?

Primarily we will have to realize that so far nobody has been helping us and certainly nobody has been saving us- on the contrary, everything that can be done to destroy us and annihilate us has been done so that society will return to the era of the Turkish occupation and that of Feudal Europe, where there was no property and man belonged to the few who had snatched/embezzled it.

We don’t need representatives. In the worst case, we need administrative AND NOT RULING Employees. The employee is the one who serves for pay his/her employer. In no occasion can the employee take initiative and order his/her employer. The only thing the employee can take is orders on specific matters and not a ‘blank check’ to do whatever he/she likes for a period of time.

The only one who can help and save us is our own self AND A COMMON FRONT OF DEALING with problems, just like the common front maintained as we speak by the politicians far and wide against the citizens, which is the only thing which has kept him in their positions despite all the treacheries and scandals, like the one of K. Mitsotakis’ tergiversation or the shame of the family history of the Pangalos family.

If the severity with which we check upon associates and employees in our businesses was commonly transferred in our reaction to the actions of these people it is certain that our every day life would instantly improve.

If we stopped fearing that we are not able and assumed our responsibilities as citizens, supervising every step of the policies followed in every sector of the state, then all the utopian scenarios would be possible.

And how can I check on things I don’t even know what they mean or what they are there for?

An immense and obscure jargon/terminology is one more way of intimidation and indirect way to get across the message that the average citizen does not have the capacity to understand that which the politicians do. This is completely unfounded and false since to anyone who is explained every single term, understanding is immediate and certain.

It is therefore an obligation and right of the Citizen to demand explanations. If a message is hard to understand then it is 99% possible that there is foul play towards the citizen who is asked to agree to something he/she does not understand (this is punishable by law in all other cases). Every issue of the state must be presented in the spoken language and with a full capacity of having explanatory questions posed: this in essence is already in effect since the Citizen has the capacity to file any question to any Public Authority and receive and answer (Greek law states that if the answer is not satisfactory or within the limit of 60 days since filing, the Public Service pays a fine). Therefore, the concept that someone should be ashamed for wanted to ask is being cultivated by the ones who simply do not want to give answers, just like we have in the past described happens by those who cultivate and want Free Bondsmen.

I have no time to occupy myself with something like that.

The reason you do not have the time is because you are rushing to meet and face all the problems which you wouldn’t have if you invested this time into checking upon the ones causing them to you. Just as in every thing, if we consider it necessary for survival we find the time to do it, just as we find the time to sue a fellow citizen who is harming us. In the same token, why not sue or warn or check on or supervise those fellow citizens who you fund and pay to make your life easier, not more torturous?

Yes, but in some things this is impossible, such as e.g. secret diplomatic moves or the laying down of the financial policy.

This is not accurate, false and hightly destructive. It is as if you do not look out to see where the pilot will fly to because you do not know what an airway is. There are many very practical methods through which we can check not only where the pilot will fly, but also in which way he will do it. That is, we can and must check on diplomatic moves and the laying down of financial policy qualitatively and quantitatively with simple methods which will truly reflect and represent what the People want and not what a few parasitic and abusively rich business people and high profile personalities want.

And how does one do that?

We will begin to present this methodology sector by sector with next week’s article, beginning with financial policies.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


(special article, part 2)

In the last part of this special article we laid down the basic principles and way of handling that a ciizen must possess not so much to be a correct citizen or some such philosophical ideal but in order to be able to protect him/herself from the vital and highly important threats and dangers of everyday life within the setting we call ‘civil life’. Just like in every process of learning and teaching, after the explaining of the logic and the basic principles, it is necessary to apply them practically so that we will understand and realize that we are not talking about something theoretical and untouchable or utopian but about the actual process to which we owe our existence at this time in a lawful state, and the only thing we have to do is apply it actively instead of pushing it aside for fear or manipulation. This actual process we described in the first part gave humanity concepts such as ‘Human Rights’, ‘Free Education’, ‘Welfare State’, ‘Social Insurance’. ‘Freedom of Thought and Speech’, ‘Self-Determination’, ‘Equality’, ‘Right to Vote’, ‘Constitutional Right’.

Every single one of these concepts and the applications derived from them is the result of the stance, attitude and action of people and later groups which followed faithfully the 10 Axioms of the article’s first part. We can infer/deduct this easily with a simple overview of their actions and a reading of their writings, if there are any. It is very important to keep in mind that before the establishment of such concepts as we mentioned the social situation was extreme, relentless and fully prohibitive towards elements opposing and following the 10 axioms, and worse than it is today. Even so, simple, everyday people who had lived for several decades in the obscurantist situation before the establishment of the concepts we mentioned decided that the conditions of their everyday life were unacceptable and against the law of Nature and God and as such, they were obliged to take measures so that they would be replaced with normal ones, congruent with God.

The most important of all which we must keep in our conscience is that these oppressors with the right of life and death over these people, with impunity and with superior technology not only could not overcome these people who were following the 10 Axioms but instead were forced to take to flight and disguise themselves and hide so that they would be as invisible as possible so that they would elude the attention of people who took away from them the authorities they had embezzled, so that they would use time and manipulation to take them back, swindling and deriding behind masks.

If we make an overview of World History from 1890 to present day we will see exactly this course of the process:

Stage 1: People follow the 10 Axioms, evaluate situations around them and decide to achieve certain goals towards the reinstitution of proper order according to Nature and/or God (as is presented through scriptures and not additional interpretations, explanations, analyses and decisions from a group of priests or other ecclesiastic agents).

Stage 2: People follow methodologies which are highly effective and in the same time express the level of their decision to reinstate order without fear or relenting to the bravado and threats and actions of the opponents seeking to maintain the situation existing.

Stage 3: People achieve the goals which have been derived from the 10 Axioms and the evaluation of situations, with the establishment of authorities and concepts as well as laws guarding their now-vested rights.

Stage 4: The opponents who lost their authorities which they had been embezzling as well as the privileges with which they were living parasitically, live in utmost secrecy and allow for a period of lull during which the laws and vested rights achieved in Stage 3 are upheld and are in force, so that the level of alertness of the people will lower because of a feeling of security and lack of need of control and guarding of their vested rights.

Stage 5: Very gradually and while the vested rights are not being guarded any longer, these opponents infiltrate positions of power, administration and responsibility via their representatives which they buy and who are traitorous and against the people and their vested rights, but present themselves demagogically as defenders and protectors of the people and their rights. While being in these positions, they gradually begin corrupting them and misleading the people from the ideas, the goals and the 10 Axioms which gave them the power they possess and which ensures increase of their well being and freedom through the introduction of fabricated needs which are phased in as progressive. Additionally, unfounded and irrational threats without object (e.g. ‘we will be characterized as inferior to others’ regardless of whether we are actually are or whether we are living with better quality of life than these others).

Stage 6: The social situation before Stage 1 comes back with acrimony and directly with driving and humiliating changes in legislation, institutions and social class, this time with a projection of the very concepts/values which were achieved and established in Stage 2 as ‘sacred’ and as such devalued, since now they have no impact or meaning to the people who are suffering, convinced they are weak and alone and powerless. For example, Freedom is projected as the most sacred and ultimate concept and motivation of the state / superpower of the U.S.A but in the name of Freedom and for the enforcement of it there is censorship within and out of USA borders, non-response to the wish of the American People in matters of life and death (such as an end to the war in Iraq and the return of troops home), the totalitarian international behavior which often manifests with invasion in foreign countries either with presumptuous diplomatic orders mixed with threats for internal affairs of every country for which they have no right to have a say, or with pure act of war and bloodshed of non-combatant population. All of these are actions of totalitarianism and menticide but are presented as expressions of the concept of Freedom, making the idea of Freedom from ridiculous to hated. In this manner the people are disarmed from their weapons since they are manipulated and taught to hate and abhor them.

A characteristic example from Greece are the concepts ‘Bread, Education, Liberty’ which have become associated with ‘anarchists/ communists’ and the ‘Hellas of Christian Hellenes’ which has been associated with the junta, dictatorship, totalitarianism, ridicule, inhumanity, exile and beatings.

If we examine closely these two mottos, actually analyzing the concepts they are promoting and projecting we will see that they contain the concept of welfare state, of critical thinking, of the need of belonging, the healthy system of evaluation regarding morals and daily dealing with our fellow man as well as the daily Greek life style which defended the bodily and mental health of the individual needing to adjust to everyday conditions according to the position of the country on the globe, as well as the ensuring of the survival of the people through the ages even under the state of occupation of other nations and cultures, as was proven historically with the Turkish and later the German occupation.

With the propaganda and the social unrest which intentionally associated these mottos either every directly opposite concept to which the Greek person rebels (without allowing the analysis of what these concepts under attack describe and defend), the Greek People was robbed from the weapons which helped its survival through the ages and the preservation of the enlightened spirit which was bequeathed from antiquity and which promotes and has been promoting Freedom of Thought with the goal of the well being and happiness of the individual.

In the same time, the Greek citizen sustained a cultural rape from others presenting themselves as Greeks who, however, were and are opposed and serving those who Greeks have always been throwing off: propaganda in the form of books, published newspaper stories and others such as ‘The Misery of Being Greek’ by N. Dimou or the song ‘Fuck’n Greeks’ by D. Savopoulos or additions to daily vocabulary of words like ‘big greek’ (Ελληνάρας) which is synonymous to a bad mannered, uncivilized, coarse and debased person who is sly and conniving, teach the Greek person and manipulate him/her into hating and being ashamed of his/herself and his/her name and identity, and all that is related to it which in this case is all the wealth of philosophy and intellect keeping him/her Free and Intact for eons. So the Greek person looks for another identity for which he/she will not feel ashamed and hooks him/herself from the one foisted with arguments such as ‘that’s what progressive people do’, ‘that’s what Europeans do’, ‘that’s how you will be in and not backwards’.

Today, in 2008 society internationally and globally is at Stage 6 and rapidly returning not only to the totalitarian conditions and regimes (devaluing the concept of Democracy and Liberalism in the process) but also to the low level of thought with the overabundance and introduction of customs and beliefs which obfuscate such as running to mediums and astrologers, having faith in convictions and supernatural beings such as demons, vampires and ghosts, application of dark magic and voodoo (as it is projected through the mass media and not the actual light-side philosophy of the particular creed) and a plethora of other fatalistic acts and philosophies promoting fear and desperation because of the sense of lack of control in our hands (internal vs. external locus of control).

Today in 2008 we have just entered a process of economic depression which is eradicating the middle social class so that there will only be ‘aristocracy’ and ‘lower working class’ (lumpenproletariat) as in the age before Enlightenment and earlier. This depression which internatially is ruining lives and families and in one stroke eradicates the work and striving of generations is fabricated and imposed exactly as we have described in Stage 6, since it does not stem from the law ‘of supply and demand’ of economy (i.e. lack of supply means raising of the prices, high supply means lowering of the prices). With today’s technology but also on the basis of the energy resourses of the planet, there is a surplus in food and services (as one can tell from the level of unemployment of professionals as well as the vast quantities of food which, though fit for consumption, are destroyed and do not enter the market) which covers more than enough the demand and therefore there should exist a drop in prices.

Despite the fact that even officially it is announced that the reason for the high price rate is not supply and demand but profiteering (of course not on the part of simple traders or producers of goods but the rest of the parasitic elements in society and the market), people like prime minister K. Karamanlis and his counterparts/colleages in the European Union claim and declare that there are “no magic solutions” in the problem of high price rates. If we apply in the process of our evaluation the principles of critical thought and the 10 Axioms we listed in the first part of the article, we will easily conclude that the people who rose up or were imposed with special, highly expensive election campaigns as well as unclear procedures of election, sponsored overtly or covertly from private individuals who are hiding behind Corporations are incompetent, inexperienced regarding the management of funds and un-free, since they are funded and are depended from their sponsors. They therefore have every interest to well represent each businessperson/ individual who has taken it upon him/herself to sustain them.

That which we must realize again as our ancestors of Stage 1 is that we don’t need nor require magical solutions, since these problems did not arise “magically” and out of the blue. As in every business or household (which, according to the logic of the babushka we follow, is a miniature state with the entrepreneur or home maker in the position of the prime minister, but with more difficulties than the real one who has the capacity to shape conditions and resources as he/she wants within the state) so can the problems within a state be resolved immediately (within weeks) and remain solved in the interest of every individual, of course with the necessary proviso that the goal of the people assuming the reins of the state truly do target this and not to turn the state in an enrichment machine for the few.

In our next article we will show the truth of the above words by beginning to describe the methodology of the proper governance which will solve all of the above and more without the minutest deprivation/destitution on the level of middle and upper middle social class, which is the best level of living for every normal individual regardless of profession (from farmer to doctor and from tradesman to professor).