Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Acid Test

Today is the Sunday of the Vaia and the beginning of the Holy (Great) Week for Orthodox Christiandom. We are right to call this week Great because through the facts we commemorate during it we are taught principles and ways of interpretation of the environment’s stimuli which are of a vital importance for every individual who wants to be not a Free Bondsman but a Free Individual with intact logic and perspicacity.

How do we learn all this?

The events through which Christ is led to the crucifixion, that is the capital punishment of that era, is a documentation of the effort of all those who seek the subjusgation of the people through the terror and silencing, utilizing the state mechanisms and a small percentage of people who, having been bought, operate underhandedly as the so-called ‘opinion leaders’. Such are, in the lowest level, the ‘claque’ in an audience which has been put there strategically so that it will push the particular audience to approve or disapprove of something specific through the principles of the psychology of the masses.

It is exactly what was used for the ‘trial’ of Christ on both levels, of the clergy and of the Romans.

A bought off agent gives an arbitrary hold for the arrest: Jesus was teaching in public and therefore his likeness was known to his enemies. The fact that Judah was needed to pinpoint him suggest that some ‘consent’ was necessary by the followers of the movement Christ had already founded and, additionally, that for his arrest were used in the picket men who hadn’t the fainted idea who Christ was and what he taught/advocated- therefore, they needed to be shown exactly who he was.

That is to say, the forces/agents who want and seek to achieve something highly harmful and criminal for the general social group and humanity will attempt to do it using bought off individuals who are leading a mass. This mass is not properly informed of the issue/occasion nor is it given any further information than a propaganda-oriented presentation of the facts and through a distorted lens: in this way, this mass does these harmful and criminal things without being aware that it is doing it and having the impression that it is doing something right. A contemporary example of Greek reality illustrating the above is the Maastricht Treaty and also the tumultuous approval of the replacement of the drachma currency with the euro.

This conscientiously cultivated ignorance of course condemns the ones who promote it just as it condemned in the eyes of the people the Pharisees and Scribes but also the mob who without much deliberation accepted and took upon itself the responsibility of the blood of Christ “his blood on us and on our children” (Matthew, 25: 25-26). And they were rightly so condemned because every person who does not want to be a Free Bondsman and does not want the excuse of ‘that’s what I was told/ I was following orders/ I didn’t know/ I wasn’t responsible for this/ that was the age/ this is what we were pushed to do/ that’s what everyone did/ I’d be isolated’ in order to commit crimes with impunity HAS THE OBLIGATION NOT TO AGREE TO AND NOT TO DO ANYTHING BEFORE HAVING RECEIVED FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE CONDITION AND NATURE OF THE ISSUE AS WELL AS THE CONSEQUENCES FOLLOWING ACTION.

What, then, are we taught from the arrest and trial of Jesus?

1. Propaganda is always an effort for manipulation in order to implicate and cheat a citizen into conceding and condoning something which the propaganda manufacturers fear or are certain the citizen would reject without the propaganda.

2. Traitors who present themselves as part of the group they are attempting to manipulate or destroy always do so while shouting out loud their intention to be protectors/ fighters/ warriors/ allies of the particular group. The worse their attempt the prettier the words, without, though, supporting them with actions, exactly as the Zealot Judah (who, as a Zealot, theoretically supported the interests of the Jewish Nation) who with a kiss (one of the highest symbolism of friendship and allegiance for the time and culture) commited treason and condoned the execution of an Innocent who could not only have lifted pain and torture from all the human race but also even on a National level he would have had a much better chance to free Judea from the Romans than anyo9ne else (as history teaches us with Gandhi’s example as well as Martin Luther King’s movement). With that kiss, Judah mortgaged the future of all of his people as a state, as it was proven later when the avenues Jidah and the Pharisees claimed were the correct and certain ones.

This lesson, the first we are taught by the Great Week is unfortunately still current since it has not been absorbed by the people. Let’s sum it up and then, you answer in your mind the questions I will pose and make your choices:

1. One should never follow propaganda or advertising which combines elements of terror, fear, fanatics, social clichés and admonitions with a lack of arguments (the enforcement of cooperation to something due to fear of isolations, alienation, criticism or ‘outcry’ by peers or the advocating of maintaining the same illing course because of a series of errors in the past do NOT constitute an argument) which can objectively and NOT THROUGH ASSOCIATION/CONDITIONING prove that the action in question is constructive.

2. One must not consider the main hubs of the spread of propaganda as anything else than a documentation of the goals of the enemies of the people and humanity as well as a list of traitors who are trying effusively to promote this destructive propaganda ( simply recall the huge advertising campaign and the propaganda through the news about how good the euro would be for Greece as well as the ridiculizing/ hostility/ disdain towards the ones who were objecting- and look now at the same people audaciously yet properly accuse the euro they exulted as part of the reason for the financial degradation of the Greeks aside the petrol prices).

3. We demand for objective information before we decide to act on anything else or we deny to do what we are being forced and pressured to do without being interested in disaster-heralding or the type ‘we don’t have the time/ the more we dilly dally the more we grow worse/ we will loose a singular opportunity’ .

And let’s pose some questions as food for thought which is demanded anyway suring these so important days:

1. Who benefits from the rapid to the point of ‘coverup’ voting of the social security legislation? How much and how certain are you for the objectivity of what is contained in this legislation?

2. Who benefited from the fires which ravaged our country? What social class was irrevocably harmed as far as its independence and property is concerned since its land, herds and houses were burned now? What social class was benefited by promoting itself as philanthropic? How objectively and how certain are you that you know the status of those areas NOW? How ready are you to pass judgment properly without fearing you may be crucifying someone you do not know and hailing a Barrabas you don’t know?

3. Who benefits from a rapid solution through compromise of the issue of the state of Skopje at this time? How much and how certain, with what objective evidence and facts do you know what is at stake and what is sought for by the propaganda manufacturers of the news and tv shows as well as the politicians of all the spectrum? How ready are you to voice your opinion without the fear that you will be crucifying someone you do not know and hail a Barrabas you do not know?

According to the law everyone alludes to, no act by an adult is void of responsibility, no contract, especially bank ones, loses its power if you haven’t read the fine print and silence or a lack of positioning means by default acceptance of the situation being enforced.

According, therefore, to the law of this society no adult can with any excuse save the one of intellectual impairment waive his/her responsibilities through hiding behind the impersonal and covert existence.

There remains, therefore, to answer to yourself what responsibilities you want to take on and for what actions: the responsibilities of the ‘madmen’ who are heard in the Epitaph Lament and will have to answer for the heel they raised against the Benefactor or the responsibilities of those who differentiated themselves with their position and opposed themselves to it?

I present below the relevant passage of the Epitaph Lament and invite you to enjoy it while you deliberate your answers:

1. All the generations exult your Epitaph, and give offering, my Christ
2. Taking you from the cross, the one of Arimathea, in a tomb he inters you.
3. Those who were fed by manna, raised the heel against the Benefactor.
4. O of the insanity and the murder of the Christ, of the Prophets!
5. Like the insane servant, the Disciple betrayed the depth of wisdom.
6. Having given up the Healer, he became a slave, the underhanded Judah.
7. O my sweet Spring, my sweetest Son, where has your beauty set?
8. Son of God Almighty, my God and creator how can I look upon and accept this Passion?
9. O my God the Triad, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, give mercy upon the world.
10. Look upon your Son’s Resurrection, Virgin, and make your servants worthy.