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A great inhibitor which stops the full influence and power a person can have on his/her environment is the concept of ‘protector and avenger of the weak’. In every culture and mythology we can see such figures (e.g. Robin Hood, Zorro and others) which embody the nemesis and shield of an otherwise idle, incompetent and not particularly bright mass with limited usefulness.

And why is a figure or symbol bringing hope and relief to an oppressed people inhibitory?

In psychology a very important element affecting the prognosis of any incident of psychopathology or problem/crisis management in the person’s environment is what we call ‘locus of control’: that is, the concept of the control node, so to speak, of our self and our environment. If we are truly and soundly convinced that we do not have control over the things happening to us, our destiny and the potential effect we can have around, then we truly cannot resolve anything obstructing our daily ‘all’s well’. But if we are truly and soundly convinced that we have or can acquire control and influence on what is happening to us, our destiny and our environment, then we become powerful, actually individuals and elements of society who can ensure the ‘all’s well’ of daily like of ourselves and others.

The symbol or figure of Zorro and any type of Zorro steals exactly this element which makes a person a powerful fighter and successful defender of all who are important and valuable to him/her. With the concept of Zorro, people do not think how to correct themselves their problems but, at best, how to find someone else who will solve them for them while they stand idle or, at worst, how God abandoned them because He did not have a fighter drop from the sky to solve their problems and does not accept or even imagine that God has made them, themselves, fighters and defenders.

Even in the actual case of the myths of Zorro or Robin Hood, let’s imagine what would happen if those heroes, instead of acting as they saw fit and felt they could, they began brooding over how there is nobody to defend them…

But isn’t it smart or safe to sit at the sidelines and let someone else ‘pull the coals out of the fire’?

Of course the answer is no, but let’s explore the assumption. Is it truly safe to sit idle, passive or inert? What do I salvage is I do not take corrective action for my environment and my self?

In essence, I salvage nothing. What I do not want to happen to me happens easily and quickly and instead of making my own life easier, I make it easy for the ones who are making mine harder. That which I salvage is the illusion that I am not under siege and nobody is after me, exactly like the ostrich relieves itself psychologically by hiding its head and not seeing the predator coming for it. The ostrich convinces itself that it is safe. Of course, up until the first time the predator’s teeth sink in its flesh.
By the same logic, the citizen sits idle and passive, just nagging about the price rate, the bad foreign policy, the bad coordination, the embezzling and stealing of public funds and the great level of corruption while waiting for the one who will stop all that for him/her. But nobody comes, Zorro and Robin Hood exist only in books and movies and the citizen allows everything that is hurting him/her slowly but certainly kill him/her.

Yes, but if I try to take the coals out of the fire, I will be the imbecile who got burned for everyone else who is going to reap the gains from my efforts, if I succeed.

Primarily, the ‘coals’ in all the forms they may take never sit idly in the fire without bothering anyone. On the contrary, the coals burn continually and without limit everyone without exception, whether the people are trying to pull them out of the fire or not. In all facets of everyday life this occurs, but let us pick one which occupies everyone’s thoughts strongly: the tax revenue service.

The tax revenue service is a coal feared by many people. Since forever, since I was a little girl I was told stories by my father and my mother who were working in the tax revenue service and the public contribution / cashtill office (for the chemical/pharmaceutical and anonymous companies respectively) and which stories showed vividly how this ‘coal’ would protect the big capital-holding parties and mercilessly chased after everyone else. Everyone else trembled and with great fear lest they anger, intimidate, draw the attention of or oppose the ‘coal’ was trying to hide from it with great percentages of failure. Especially in the case where mercy, humanity or compassion was invoked by everyone else, the ‘coal’ was particularly hard and merciless, fact which pushed my father to put stoppers to it and managed to, for everyone who was not scared and followed his advice, right up to a few days before he was murdered.

So what do we conclude, therefore? That not pulling your own coals from the fire simply feeds them and brazen it out so that from a simple coal it becomes a flaming boulder. To resist and be fully prepared to pull the coal out of the fire makes the coal panic and react in a way making it even more vulnerable.

Yes, but your father who resisted the ‘coal’ got killed by it.

That is not entirely accurate. My father was indeed murdered by these ‘coals’ as we call them today, but this happened because he didn’t behave in general in the manner he acted in his area of expertise, tax and accounting economics. When we do decide to pull the coals out of the fire, we also decide to pull on the appropriate gloves and approach with the proper manner instead of offering a target when we do not need to. That means that every action we take must be calmly and coolly designed in the frame of strategy of the defensive/protective policy we are following. Also, we will have to be clearly aware that we are up against something sly and shameless which has very specific weapons and way of using them. We protect ourselves from these weapons with a few acts of common sense and prevention. From then on, the ‘coals’ are powerless and the only thing they will be able to do is show us all the ways we can extinguish them. That which my father did not do while he had been warned by me was avoid the dangerous moments of ‘thin ice’ allowing the ‘coals’ to be sly and do what they are afraid to do while hiding behind a smoke screen, like that day of November 17, 1973 was.

So what is the general conclusion of all of the above?

The general conclusion is that all of us have already experienced the worst and every day this ‘worst’ is worsening, leading with certainty to haunting scenarios which coincide with those of prisoners, hostages, serfs, concentration camp inmates or exiles in barren islands. This is unavoidable if we continue like this, that is waiting for someone else (liberator, anarchist, delegate, organization, philanthropist, personage, politician, king, appointed religious leader, state, international schemas, etc) to correct for us the wrongdoings and return to us the well being and the dignity that is being stolen from us daily. This ‘someone else’ will do it on the surface and for a reward/compensation he/she will ask for him/herself alone that very same amount or more of what was stolen. Historical examples of such ‘protectors’ of the People are numerous, such as Napoleon, Julius Caesar, George Washington, Lenin, Hitler, King Otto of Greece and all the ‘agents of freedom and/or change’ of Greek post-war and post-change-over.

Therefore it is much safer and much more definitely directed to daily well being and quality of life if we are decided each one of us on his/her own and regardless of organization/coordination/contribution by others/ ratification of our actions by the environment to resist and deny to concede to the egregious law-breaking, law-bending and abuse of every representative of the ‘coals’ so that we will be forcing the coals to pull themselves out of the fire.

Is this possible?

It is not only possible it is certain. Persistence and refusal to accept intimidatory moves and blackmail which in essence have no object (to be threatened to be made poorer when the blackmailer is already doing it to you with geometric speed is not intimidatory if you are aware that the blackmailer is already doing to you what he/she is threatening to do) make the adversary take to his/her heels, while protesting of course, because this adversary is impudent and cowardly and his/her unchanging policy is ‘shoot in the dark and hope it works’. The shot lands only when we become frightened and we get the target shot for the adversary on our own instead of showing to him/her that if he/she does not behave properly, he/she will be dismissed from the social group.

How can I do this alone without organization or support from my environment?

By keeping in mind the following Basic Truths:

The state is dirty and therefore is afraid of clarity.
The state is dirty but maintains a superficial semblance of clarity and modesty which it wants to keep at all costs, even with a threadbare excuse.
The state is afraid of its own citizens.
The state is afraid of its responsibilities.
The state avoids the laws and therefore tries to maintain ignorance of the law in the citizens.
The state threatens and manipulates, therefore just as we have previously displayed about those who want and seek the creation and maintenance of Free Bondsmen, it feels weak and incapable to face any actual opposition.

By applying the actions derived from the Basic Truths daily in our life and routine, something which we will analyze in extent with concrete directions in the next article, demonstrating how every citizen can easily police (that is, enforce proper functioning according to the principles of Human Rights, the Constitution and the derived laws) all the agents, representatives and functionaries he/she is funding in order to be served, as well as other citizens who are dysfunctioning.

Generally, what we must draw and realize today, letting it sink in and become part of our reality so that we will be able to move on further and become actually, not only potentially, forceful and powerful, is that the only police person who will truly do the job well and always for us is us, ourselves, alone. If we rest easy or trust that someone else will guard our back, someone who has given no proof or guarantee that he/she has ever done so (on the contrary he/she has shown greatly that he/she is doing the opposite), we will end up one way or the other like my father who, while a fighter, lowered his shield in the midst of battle, or like the anonymous deceased of the mass grave where they bury the subdued of the non-combatant population.

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