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From very early in the upbringing and socialization of each one of us we are taught to sustain a perpetual intimidation and twisting of the proper concept for action, reaction and feedback of a person with its environment on a social but also physical level. Today, instead of starting by demonstrating what is the wrong take and then what is the proper standing of things, regardless of propaganda or philosophy, we will begin by showing what truly and invariantly holds for humans and their effect on society and the environment and in no case can change, whether we take it into account or not.

From the moment of birth or even conception, the person has a great effect on his/her environment because on an already existing situation (regardless of the quality of this situation) is inserted the self as a new factor and primarily as a much-promising undefined variable. Always and in every case the new person arriving acts as a catalyst for the far more intense behavior and alignment of all the people of his/her direct and then soon enough his/her greater social circle. But just like every catalyst on all levels and aspects of nature, from chemistry to psychology DOES NOT ACT AS A TRANSFORMER OF PEOPLE AND SITUATIONS BUT AS A FORCE MAKING THE ALREADY EXISTING PROCESS AND REACTION COME ABOUT FASTER AND MORE INTENSELY.

That is to say, a baby arriving to a couple which does not have a base of cohesion and harmony between themselves (not in the case that manipulation is potentially masking the true relationship existing) will, as a catalyst, bring to the fore the lack of cohesion and harmony that pre-existed, in very vivid colours. A baby arriving to a couple having the base of cohesion and harmony even if under attack by manipulation of third parties, will act as a catalyst and bring to the fore this cohesion and harmony in equally vivid colours.

The arrival of a new person will greatly strengthen the already existing positions and alignments of his/her environment BUT IN NO CASE WILL HE/SHE CHANGE OR TRANSFORM AN ALREADY EXISTING STANCE INTO A DIFFERENT ONE. It is possibly that the surface behavior change drastically but this change of ‘course’ takes place only so that it will coincide with the alignment and motivation already pre-existing. E.g. a mother who truly and actually as her children as first priority and not her husband or her parents or herself may, before the arrival of her offspring or even during carrying or the first stages of upbringing, consent to and act in ways that do not give priority to this offspring if she herself is manipulated into believing that it is ‘for the good of the children/ so that she won’t harm them/ so that she won’t hold them back/ so that she won’t make them weird/ so that she won’t make them like herself/ etc’. However, from the moment that this mother realizes that what she is pushed to do for her child are not only not correct but also very harmful, the catalytic effect of the child is triggered since the mother acts according to her always existing priority of her offspring’s wellbeing and does not allow anything that is harmful to them exist in their environment. If the realization of the harmful effect of the environment on the child does not push the parents to stake a direct and drastic stance to protect the child, then immediately and by default they have taken a stance and demonstrated in high relief the true order of priority/ loyalty/ faith/ values driving them regardless of what they profess. That is the exact catalytic effect of a person on his/her environment and it is unavoidable.

Why did we present all of the above and how do they serve as an illustration of the true essence, action, reaction and feedback of the person within society?

With the above example which is universally in effect in all cases without exception, regardless of culture or socio-economic level, we demonstrate directly that a person, by his/her mere existence alone, has huge impact on his/her environment equaling the chain reaction of a nuclear explosion. Also, we demonstrated that this type of impact takes place whether we decide to act/react or whether we get scared and remain idle: in both occurrences we characterize ourselves and the matching responsibilities to that characterization is noted one way or the other.

What do we want to say with this?

We want to say and demonstrate the very simple but in the same time terribly threatening truth for several people that nobody, regardless and despite efforts to throw off responsibility, is relieved of responsibility but is answerable to it.

Why is this threatening?

Because from a very young age we are taught that responsibility is an axe hovering over the head of every person, ready to lop it off, and the intelligent thing to do in this society is to manage to push your own axe away so that it hovers over someone else’s head, regardless if that axe still remains yours. Therefore, to be told that this axe will not cease to hover over your head but will remain and possibly become even bigger is absolutely threatening.

Yes, but so many manage (from politicians, business people, royalty to parents, relatives and friends) to throw off their responsibilities and heap them on someone else, making others pay for them. How then, is it impossible to throw off responsibility?

Responsibilities are never thrown off and this can be proven in all occasions, but especially in the cases of leaders of all shapes and sizes, since everyone can clearly and directly demonstrate or reveal the culprit for many conditions from high price rate to migration status around the world, and since everyone agrees to phrases like ‘all politicians are dirty/ bought/ servants of big money’. So what is going on?

What is going on is that immediately after the very accurate estimation and ascription of responsibility, follows the rhetorical question ‘and what can one do?’ or some comment declaring inability/ weakness of the type ‘let’s not look at that/ one can’t do a thing/ a lost cause/ etc’.


Therefore, just like in the case of the parent who does not have his/her offspring as first priority, even if claiming he/she does, the politician and any other type of leader acts as a catalyst and demonstrates fully that the true alignment of the citizen is not towards personal and general improvement of daily life but on the contrary, towards the maximization of hardship and objectification of the fellow man, and therefore the citizen’s own self as well. Every single citizen, by the lack of actual reaction and control of the representatives who obviously do not assume responsibilities or keep their promises shows that this citizen consents and approves of the condition being enforced. This now is broadcasted even through the mass media and the statements of state representatives when they claim, and rightfully so in this case, that ‘the people approves/ consents/ orders/ wants the behavior they are displaying’

But how can you say that when all the world is in upheaval with strikes, demonstrations and ‘boycotts’?

Unfortunately, all of this is a smoke screen and an excuse so that all the world can feel they have done their duty and will not be asked to answer for or will not be blamed that in reality they are consenting to the subjugation that is happening, while in the same time will achieve nothing so that they and their neighbour (who is a measure of primary importance) will be subjugated and integrated in a status quo in which somehow, everyone has someone oppressing them and someone whom they oppress in their own turn (even if that someone is the homeless person on the street or the stray cat).

The strikes, marches, demonstrations and partial (not full and complete) boycotts consist the first part of a threat from the people to its representatives which threat, however, never (since 1970) actualizes. The strike or the demonstration has an effect when every single one of the strikers or members of the demonstration is fully prepared not to engage the police or SWAT team forces, but to see all the slogans on the pickets he/she is carrying come to pass. That is, when the picket says that ‘the social security reform will not pass’, it will have to be set in stone and when the representative/ politician call the bluff, it must be shown that it is not a bluff by completely ignoring the reform laws, including refusal to pay taxes and conform to anything the reform will attempt to enforce.

Every single protester must be prepared to do this even if he/she stands alone.

So, I will fight so that some millions of insured in the social security will benefit from me?

You will be fighting for your own self. The first and many times only one benefiting will be you and those you love. Only if you truly hate your own self will you not look to end the abuse taking place in your face just because there is chance for someone else to benefit as well (like the neighbour). Only if truly deep down you like to suffer and watch others suffer will you continue to consent to this situation.

Which situation could be stopped dead in 3 to 4 days if these thousands of protestants claiming to be determined to truly refuse to obey to an authority the power of which exists in the agreement of these same people to obey and suffer. Thousands of people refusing to pay a tax cannot be persecuted for it.

A simple and completely painless decision to have an entire city remain at home and not spend a single euro (or dollar or pound) for 24 hours is enough to arrest this whole apparent ‘rampant’ condition of augmenting prices of oil, food, services since, for the average merchant or business person it would constitute an arbitrary loss of a single day’s income but for the international corporations and great off short companies it would constitute loss of several millions of euro and a definite stop of their course.

This action alone from the several that exist is enough leverage to control the social situation and show to the political representatives that the only thing they truly are is servants with uncertain power and jurisdiction.

Historically the above has been proven to be fully successful and effective even with a less that full participation or even with a less than 50% of the population participating in completely totalitarian regimes.

And what when I am completely alone?

Then you are even stronger if you use other avenues meant for single units.

And which are those?

Although we are going to examine these with greater depth in the next article, I will mention one of the Basic Truths from which a very powerful method is derived:

Basic Truth number 4: “The state avoids the laws and therefore tries to maintain ignorance of the law in the citizens.”

The first thing you must do (not in general but only regarding to the particular case concerning you personally) is to be informed and read the four or five law and two or three legislations concerning your matter on any given time.

Attention: we must not read the laws and legislations with fear, seeking to see what we are forbidden to do, but with care and critical thought to see through which avenue we will succeed to defend or achieve what we want (fact which is applied broadly but sloppily by all of those embezzling and abusing. We simply are going to learn in the next article how we will do the same cleverly in order to retain our freedom, independence and well being).

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